Wheel-Rim Polish


Wheels are one of most attractive features in automobiles catching onlookers glimpse easily. With usage they tend to get dirty, develop scratches on surface. Scratches might be cause by careless parking with wheels brushing against roads kerbs. The colour may also fade off overtime. It is good to have the wheel-rim polished to protect it against dust, dirt, minor scratches. Polishing the wheel rim helps it stay off from dust, dirt, water, minor-scratches and help last longer. There are many polishing materials available in market today but we, at crystal shine, offer you more than just the polishing.


Unlike the car wash liquids which is dilute in water and applied for having shiny surface, polish are mostly waxy thick semi solid pastes. Polish has following advantages over other oils and liquids.

  • Dust won’t stick

Tyres and wheels are prone to brake-dust. It appears in black colour and usually found as a layer on wheel-rim making it dull in appearance. Break dust is an unavoidable component, but for sure we can avoid its depositing on the wheel-rims by means of polishing. Various other dust dirt types would not stick on wheels once polished. Hence the glossy appearance of your wheels is retained for quite longer time.


  • Water resistant

Polish-material itself is water repellent. With the smooth finishing done using buffers, the water molecules will not stick on the surface and hence metal-corrosion is reduced further slowing down the usual degradation process.


  • Last long

The material used in making the polish-paste has a high melting point. Hence even with scorching sun, it won’t melt or fade off. Lasting longer than oils or any other liquids polishing wheel rims is worth the amount as it pays in the long run.


Crystal shine has a team of expert technicians who understand your needs. Polishing with brushes is easy and can be done by anyone. But this might not serve your purpose when it comes to wheel-rim polishing. We buff the polish using specialised equipments to ensure that all parts of the wheel-rim gets the paste to evenly spread and reach deep into the minute barely visible holes. This ensures that not only the polish will last longer, but help your wheels stay clean, glossy and water resistant. Buffing is of two types:

  • Cut-motion Buffing

This type of buffing motion is design to give a semi-bright, smooth surface finish. Here buffing is done against the rotation of the machine applying hard to medium pressure. This helps the minute holes, scratches being fill by the paste. Once the cut-motion is done your wheel rim look dull, but with the following colour-motion it will recover and surpass earlier shine.


  • Colour-motion Buffing

Colour-motion gives a clean finishing with bright, shiny surface somewhat similar to those of the factory. Here the direction of motion in the buffing wheel machine is along the wheel rotation.

Crystal shine wheel rim polishing


Once the wheel is available with us, it is wash properly to remove the dust, dirt, stains to be dry. Further it is carefully examine for scratches and dents. On fixing that we polish it and buff it using special equipments under no water conditions to ensure the polish remains on surface to make it bright, shiny and last longer.

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