Truck Bed Lining services


Truck Bed Lining services

 In Dubai there are thousands of people who have a truck or work with a truck, transporting goods from A to B all day long, every day. The heavy usage will ultimately damage the default truck bed lining, that’s include in the truck bed by default. That’s exactly why Crystal Shine has the service which targets the total replacement of truck bed lining, to make your truck look and feel like brand new again.

What does truck bed liner serve?

If you have a pickup truck which you use frequently for your work or your own transporting tasks it naturally comes with a large truck bed liner, where the goods or products to be transported will be placed. This bed-liner has two key tasks: to shield the vehicle from anything that is to be transported in the back and to protect the goods which are to be transport. This way they need to be made out of a good material.  This material is anti-slippery and durable enough to last for a few years to come. Although most pickup trucks come with their own respective bed liner but in most cases they tend to go wrong pretty fast, especially due to heavy usage. That’s when truck owners face the choice: what sort of a new bed liner they should choose?

Types of truck bed liners

We can differentiate several types of Truck Bed Lining specifically according to the way of installation and their materials. Let’s see some of the most common ones:

  • Drop-in bed liners: these are useful as it can be put in and take out as and when it comes to transporting goods which can leave filthy patches on the surface. These bed liners are easy to maintain, cheaper to change and they are fitting for all those who do not always use their vehicle for transportation.  
  • Spray-on bed liners: there are different sorts of spray on liners that provide a protective coating to the truck bed. They are very useful for those who use their truck for work and transportation on a regular basis. These can be spray on in different colors from black to metallic shades. You may need to study the materials and thickness as too thin layers will get damage earlier too.
  • Polyurethane bed liners: Ifapply in a proper way the polyurethane cover will provide an adequate protection from denting, scratching. It absorbs vibration too, providing a safe surface for carrying goods. The preparation process of the original truck bed has to involve sanding to make sure it stays on adequately.
  • Medium duty liners: These have a specific stick-release quality. This makes these suitable for the transportation of muddy, greasy or otherwise sticky and dirty materials. They are very easy to clean too.
  • Heavy duty liners: arm with a specific asphalt these are generally on larger trucks to provide maximum protection.

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