Titanium Paint Coatings


Titanium Paint Coatings

Paint coatings are also called paint sealants in the car industry and they have a couple of fantastic qualities, which can really help turning your car look like brand new! It is no wonder that paint coatings are widely used by car dealers all across the globe. Our new Titanium Paint Coatings can really transform and protect your car from natural elements on the longer haul.


About the basic qualities of Titanium Paint Coatings

Paint coatings do a great job if you want to revive your vehicles color after a few years of usage, but the titanium paint coating has one extra quality to it: it’s the only coating which has the ability to give scratch protection for a vehicle.

A vehicle endures tons of accidental scratches, no matter if it’s by fingers, car keys, zippers, bags or by accidentally scratching with another vehicle. Titanium Paint Coatings will give an extensive protection from all sorts of scratches even the harder or deeper ones and as an addition, they will add a coating to your car that’s literally as hard as diamond. Titanium is known as one of the hard, most durable material that’s used today in all sorts of industries. And now it has achieved a revolutionary step in terms of car paint coatings too.


It will last for a lifetime

There is no need to re-add Titanium Paint Coatings. It will last literally forever. There is no need to reapply or refresh this coat ever. Once it’s perfectly apply and dry it will protect your car and make it shine in the very same time. Once applied Titanium Paint Coatings will not only give you a protection, it will literally erase the existing scratches from the surface too plus make the car’s color all the livelier in the same time.


Titanium Paint Coatings will save your car from enduring:

  • Scratches
  • Acidic rain’s effects
  • Sand and salt’s corrosive effects
  • Bird poop
  • Provide drip-free drying


Additional aesthetic qualities for black or dark cars

Titanium Paint Coatings are especially perfect for black cars or cars with other very dark color. The reason for that is simple. As we all know black cars are very hard to maintain. The reason for that is, that everything shows on the surface, from drops to dust. Thanks to a new titanium coating, this won’t be a problem anymore as this coating will also add the quality to your car for it to dry without leaving any stains, watermarks or dust behind. This coating will literally make your car look brand new.


It needs no special maintenance

It’s enough to wash and dry your car no other maintenance or polish is require. This extra durable coating is literally the wonder of car coatings.


We at Crystal Shine Dubai are experts in applying Titanium Paint Coatings for your car and we guarantee the high quality of our work. All you need is to contact us and arrange a time when we can meet to discuss the details.   This special coat is on by our coating experts with utmost care and dry perfectly on the whole surface of your car.



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