The importance and methodology of car under wash


Most people generally pay attention only to what they and the rest of the world can easily see. But this stance will eventually not prevent your under car parts to become totally corroded well before their time.  Let’s see how does Under Wash work and why it’s so important to perform rather frequently.

We often tend to forget that our car has way more parts to clean. Also, way more debris to clean off than we can see during the everyday usage. Unfortunately under wash, through washing of undercarriage and engines is not include in the regular or automate car wash services. Therefore they are often ignore altogether. This can lead to lots of problems in the future. Today, there are tons of cars out and about with their undercarriage not having wash one single time. Luckily, we at Crystal Shine service do think of the future of your car and Under Wash is include in our extensive cleaning services.

People generally do not tend to look underneath a car. However this should be the very first action to perform when you are to buy a use car. Let’s see some of the key reasons for that:

Why is it important to get an Under Wash for your car?

  • You wouldn’t think but the undercarriage is the place that gets the most of dirt, mud, rainwater and all sorts of debris while driving. It’s literally just like a pair of shoes even worse.
  • If your car’s bottom is not clean from time to time. All the debris will sooner or later will start an extensive corroding process which, with time will be all the harder to stop. This can lead to a total corrosion, breakage, accidents and the car being unfit for driving legally on the roads.
  • When we tend to buy a used car, one of the first things we should do is to take a look how the car looks from underneath. This is especially true for cars over 5 years of age and cars which come from countries where the air is highly corrosive such as countries with seaside. In Dubai thanks to the amortising effects of sand, the undercarriage sustains even more damage on the long haul.
  • When properly washed, all existing problems underneath can be easily seen and therefore they are also easier to fix by a professional car service.
  • Getting frequent cleansing and an anti –rust treatment can greatly help your car to preserve its quality for a much longer time.
  • Debris can easily get stick  in the break system. It can affect the fuel consumption and the overall capacity of your car

How does Under Wash work?

Under Wash is generally with the help of high-pressure washers. These push out the water with such force which is able to remove most of the dust and dirt that sick with time at the bottom. 

We at Crystal Shine not only use high pressure washer but also apply extra degreaser. This makes sure all contamination is clear away. Should you need further assistance in anti-corrosion treatments we will be glad to help you.

Contact us today and make sure your car’s bottom becomes clean. So that you car can serve you for all the longer time. 



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