Split-Rim Refurbishment



Do you want people to be awe struck by your car’s appearance? Split-wheels play a major role in boosting style for your vehicle. Unlike the boring traditional wheels, split-rim wheels give a classic race-car look. Split-rim has same strength as that of the usual alloy wheels, but is compose of more than one component. A circular wide wheel base, which holds the tyre on it is design piece. It usually diamond cut with wholes to affix firmly to the base using screw nuts and a centre piece. It mostly has the company or brand logo; combine to form the split-wheel.


Unlike the one-piece wheels, split wheels offer better maintainability and reparability. A dent, damage rim can be replace separately without having your entire wheel base to be swapp. Centre pieces can be removed and customized as per your wish.


Manufacturing of split-wheels is a labour-intensive process. As compared to single piece wheels, it is heavier by a pound or two.


Six seven years back, split-wheels use to pose danger while dissemble by inexperience technicians causing much harm to them physically. With technological advancements and the proper tools available the risk is reduce.

Crystal shine Refurbishment

Here at crystal-shine we have a team of experts to help you restore back from the damage caused to the split-wheels. Right from mending the dents, welding cracks, repainting, colouring, we provide several services to have the new look back to your wheel and get your car back in its glossy style again.


Quite often we bruise our wheels while parking close to the kerbs on roads. This act scratches, makes dents on the wheels and paint get scrapp off unintentionally. It can even damage the outer edge of the wheel rim, bend it or might even buckle the wheel.  We excel in treating your vehicles for such damages using specialise equipments for wheel-repair to get back the factory conditions.


Once the wheel is bent, it is hard to drive. Vehicle may tend to wobble and can harm alignment of the remaining wheels. Using special equipments at crystal shine our trained professionals make sure that the wheel is repair not only for the dents, but scratches, dust too to get you the glow back.

 Crack Repair

While riding over a tough terrain or parking close to road-kerbs it is usual to have hidden deep cracks being develop in the wheels. These might not be easily visible but if gone untreated they might compromise the safety of the rider. We realize this fact and do a thorough checking and either weld the cracks or fill it suitably further strengthening your car wheels which carry all the weight.


Once we have the split-wheel, we dissemble it into part and let it pass through a five hour long process starting with a chemical bath. This removes the paint and exposes the bare metal underneath. This metal is thoroughly test for cracks, scratches dents, all are repair by our team of experts before being hand over to the finishing team. The team paints the wheel and bakes it at high temperatures to make sure colour, texture of the wheel is perfect as it was at the time of buying.

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