Cars are for many things. Joyous family rides, trips to longer distant places, picnics, journey home from bachelor parties, taking pets for outing and so on. Liquid spills are nearly unavoidable. Coffee is one of the main drinks that we like to have, especially if the journey is way long and extends deep into nights. Caffeine keeps us going by keeping sleep and tiredness seemingly away. Not only coffee, but fruit juices, unintended oil or grease stains spoil the look and feel of our car interiors. Colour decorations by our kids on seats and door inner panels cannot get avert at times. Scolding hardly has any effect on them. Hence, Spills and Accidents are part and parcel of the car journey. They can get you worried or depressed.

Crystal shine will serve to be your perfect partner in such cases. Any stains may it be coffee, oil, grease, pet urine, we have solutions for each. Trust us; you will be free from your tensions, worries as we get back your car in the brand new looks, feel and even smell fresh at the best prices in the industry.

Special cleaning equipments like vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners are use by our team of experts to remove any type of stains from pen marks to even the hard to remove blood stains. Spills and Accidents can leave the interiors dirty and prone to fungus and moulds. Using specialized cleaning agents, seat shampoos according to the fabric material used in the interiors, we restore the shine, condition and the fresh smell back to the car insides letting you fall in love with it again. For hard stains like oil spills, grease stains steam cleaning works best.

– Oil leaks after accidents

Spills and Accidents are usual. They are not cause by intention but just happen. Reasons may be sheer bad luck or lack of presence of mind. Major accidents cause internal oil spills. They usually are unnotice, but on careful examination of the vehicle and its performance, our team of experts can figure it out easily. Oil stains may be in car interiors or exteriors are treated with specialize solutions made just for the purpose. Right skills make the task faster and perfect.

– Leather conditioning and repair

Treatment of leather is perform in a different manner. Unlike the usual fabric leather requires conditioning, moisturizing and rejuvenation. Water treatment is not a good solution when it comes to leather. Special substances along with suitable tools are used to get your seat leather and the ones in car interior free from stains, dirt, pen marks and slime.

– Accident recovery


Spills and Accidents go hand in hand at most times don’t them? Accidents cause oil spills, which appear harmless but can corrode other internal parts when it comes in contact with moisture and dust. Our team of experts at crystal shine help get you back your vehicle to the earlier fresh condition by carefully assessing the damage, preparing estimates and once approved give you the best in class service.

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