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Automobile industry has advanced over time. You must be recalling how they look in the yester years with wheels having spokes of thin metals, powered by steam. Then further the design improved. Steam engines gave way to, the now widely used, Internal Combustion (IC) engines. The exteriors were shape up in new style, looks and gradually the wheels also evolved to now-a-days mostly commonly used alloy wheels. Roofs were customized too. From the fixed metallic hard roofs in standard cars to the retractable (also known as convertible) roofs, car designs have undergone a sea change. But with usage these might get damaged overtime.

Soft top replacement requires professional touch and specialised equipments to treat. The retractable roofs are mainly of two types, mechanical ones which use manual power to open and shut; and electric retractable roofs which use electric powered motors to do the task for you in a click of a button. Again, based on the materials used for roofs they can further be classified as hard tops and soft tops. Hard tops employ metals while the soft tops use fabrics that are slid over. At crystal shine, we have a team of experts who can not only fix car exteriors and interior damages but can help with soft top replacement too.

Pluses of convertible roofs

Retractable roofs have various advantages over fixed ones. They provide good visibility, maximum ventilation; provide ease of entry into the car and the best part being the ability to transport those bulky substances which would not have been possible with closed roof ones.


When it comes to soft tops, they compromise your safety on roads, exposure to heat and cold climates can cause fabric material to expand and contract which can lead to tear and require soft top replacement. Further soft top requires good maintenance and lessen car back space for keeping bulky baggage.

Why Crystal shine?

Expert teams at Crystal shine have evolved with years of experience and hard work. In the due course of time they have developed excellent skills and can replace your damaged soft top perfectly in the least possible time. Not only this, we provide the best rates in industry. So why not get our quotes?

Soft top replacement


Is it possible to correct it ourselves at home? Well, if you have the equipments, perfect skill you might be willing to give it a try. A word of caution before you proceed. If things are not done properly it will be hard even for the experts to get it back to the original condition. And may be quite costly to do so. Soft top require careful and special skills with lots of patience to adjust each setting and make it fit perfectly, so that it can be easily expand or contract by the electric motors. If not set properly, they can develop leaks soon and you will require visiting us soon to get it repair. For any type of soft top replacement, feel free to get expert advice from our experienced team.

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