Smart Repair SMART


Smart Repair SMART

SMART is a relatively new system. It’s as innovative as it can possibly be in terms of car repair and car safety systems. Let’s introduce you to the world of Smart repair. Let you know how it works and how it can help your vehicle to be in its best form ever for a long time.

What does SMART stand for?

SMART or as it’s otherwise S.M.A.R.T stands for Small Medium Accident Repair Technology. The new SMART system introduces a revolutionary way of repairing cars all around the world. This system does not only allow for a much safer, quicker and more punctual method of repair but it operates with a success rate of being 50-70% more effective than ordinary repair works.

The focus of SMART

The system of Smart Repair SMART has been specifically devise to provide quick yet long-term repair solutions for those vehicles which have sustain an accident at a low to medium rate. If you know any statistics from your respective country, you will see that driving on roads and highways still has the largest percentage of accidents no matter what country we are talking about.

This is exactly why SMART repair is a feasible solution not only because it’s been specifically devised to screen and repair cars but also because the Smart Repair SMART system can be easily integrated with any insurers’ systems. This way the insurance company will get an instant, clear view of the damage sustained and will also be able to see through all the costs of the repair. Smart Repair SMART repair is three times as fast as regular car repair, which makes it today’s nr.1 car related service.

The quality of repair

If your car suffers low to medium range collision damage, then any repair company who has been working with the S.M.A.R.T system can ensure to provide an almost total restoration, which basically means that your vehicle will not suffer from any longer term effects due to the accident. Naturally, there is a screening process every time, before we start working on a vehicle, thanks to which we will be able to tell you exactly at what rate can we restore your car’s previous condition.

SMART quality of excellence

Every team who is officially member of the Smart Repair SMART team will need to ensure a perfect customer service. High quality and overall screening, providing an honest review on the current status. The grade of all expected repairs, all of SMART team is absolutely dedicated to do the highest quality work possible.

The main areas of Smart repair SMART:

The main areas of high quality repair include the following:

Total repair of dents, scratches to doors

Scratches to front and to back bumpers

Repairing accidents with wheel arches

Repairing of all interior damage ( including rips, holes)

Extensive high quality windscreen repair

Painting works on damaged parts

Fixing of broken or otherwise damaged spoilers

Fast equals cost effective with Smart repair SMART

The services which have adapted the SMART technique have also dedicated themselves not to charge sky high prices. This means they don’t only work super-fast and do high quality job. You don’t have to fear of the final invoice either. There are no hidden fees here.



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