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Repair the cigarette burns until it’s too late

Where is the spot in your car seat? If you or your friends are a smoker, then there must be a cigarette burn on your car seat. Did we get it right? This could be multiple or single. We understand that you have not done it deliberately, but the home in care seems very bad and mark a bad impression on others. Crystal Shine is one place that easily fixes all your problems. 

Accident eventually happens to all of us; it’s the way how we deal with it. Allow us to solve all your problems related to the repairing of cigarette burns on your car upholstery.

Why there is a need to fix it?

The holes created by cigarette are mysterious. You can notice some while others can easily hide from your eyes. Thereof, it becomes essential for you to repair it quickly before any series thing happens. This is so because the fabrics have the tendency to spread open within no time. If ignored it can also cause whole car seat to deteriorate that means the excess burden on your pocket.  

At this time, you can call Crystal Shine to do a repair of cigarette burns. Our experts are proficient in their work and mend it like there were no holes earlier.

We work on different methods

Basically, there are 3 methods include from which we make the choice depending on the condition of holes.

  • Reweaving the fabric

One of the methods related to repair of cigarette burns is reweaving. This method is best for those cars that have the antique fabrics. It helps the car owner to keep the upholstery same without changing the whole seat. We are expert in doing this.

  • Gluing the seat fabric

A perfect way of getting the unformed repairing is gluing the seat fabric. This process includes the cutting of an unnoticeable piece of fabric. After that, it is pasted on the place of cigarette burn with the help of super glue. 

  • Using the kit

A kit can also be a method to opt for repair of cigarette burns. At Crystal Shine, we work with the best techniques, equipment and products to repair your seat.

car interior cigarette burns repair services in Dubai by crystal shine autos

Who are we?

Crystal Shine is an outstanding company based in Dubai. We deal with almost all kinds of car related services. From dents to minor bumps to your vehicle, we repair all with the same zeal. We have gained a reputation in the Dubai among the clients as we serve with the best services. With us, you are working with a leading car care company who understand the needs of the clients and put all the efforts to accomplish them. You can visit us to have an excellent customer experience.  Don’t make your car suffer more with the burns. Our team of repair experts corrects it using the advanced tools and techniques in very effective manner and the hole will automatically disappear to give you a feeling that you have prior to the cigarette burns. Come and contact us to get the reliable services.


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