Odour / Smell / Cigarette Smell Removal from Car


Foul smelling odours are caused by a mixture of chemicals released from proteins, bacteria and organic matter and if left untreated they will multiply and spread further. This leads to the odour intensifying making it increasingly difficult to contain and eliminate.

Almost all Car all suffer from problems with malodour

Offensive smells are not only off-putting for your passengers , they are also bad for your health

Odour, Smell, Cigarette Smell Removal from cars in Dubai

Dubai’s Best Car Interior Stain Cleaning and Smell Removal Service

Crystal Shines Specialist Hygiene’s odour removal service provides a rapid and cost effective solution for areas suffering from foul smelling odours.

We have 100% proven methods to remove any odour Cigarettes , pet odour , wet smell , chemical , food , body , garbage fish , meat the list is unless

We are the only specialists who have time and time again proven no smell is too bad for us to eradicate

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Do note there will be no lingering residue in the air or surfaces of your car.

Great for individuals who suffer from severe chemical sensitivity.

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Your car is always in great hands with us

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