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A car is a cramped, confined space where you and your family have fun hours at a time. There’s a lot that can go wrong, and it does – dust, dirt, grime, grease, sweat, spills, toilet accidents, stains and odors that no one can explain. Once a year, twice, hopefully, you should let the experts at Crystal Shine Auto Detailing, Dubai give your car the shampoo treatment. Your car’s fabric seats will get the tender, loving care that they need to spring right back to life. No more unsightly discoloration and stains. You won’t find another service in Dubai that offers shampoo expertise the way Crystal Shine Auto Detailing does.

Get the professionals

One of the biggest car care mistakes that Dubai’s car owners make is to see a seat shampoo job as a simple matter. A friend who does car detailing on the side is often given the job, and advice from an Internet chat room is often trusted. There are all kinds of mistakes that get made in these ways.

One of the most obvious ones – the shampoos and chemicals used are wrong kind for the fabric in your car. The use of consumer-grade equipment that isn’t powerful enough to suck out moisture delivered, especially with special, extra complex weaves, is a problem, as well. It’s impossible for anyone without special training to determine the specific kind of fabric in use, and to source the right cleaning chemicals, foams, antimicrobial shampoos, degreasers and spot removers for the job. It takes an expert.

Over-shampooing that leaves soapy residue behind to corrode the fabric, over-wetting that won’t come out, and poor drying, are all serious ways in which you can let your seats down.

Car seat shampoo and cleaning services

What Crystal Shine achieves with your car seats

At Crystal Shine Auto Detailing, Dubai, it’s all about the right equipment, the right expertise and plenty of time. Certainly, a stiff brush and powerful chemicals would get rid of dirt quickly. But it’s important to protect the fabric, and so, nothing harsh ever comes close.

With some of the most powerful wet vacuums in the business, and the gentlest and most advanced of cleaning agents, everything in your seats that you don’t want comes out. There is no residue, and with powerful drying equipment, everything’s left nicely dry. Not to forget the insides of the bolster cavities and those seat belts – very difficult areas to clean; they get perfectly done each time.

You’ll get service from a motivated crew

If you’ve heard scary stories about carwash centers that scratch cars, it does happen. The alternative is to find professional auto detailing that specializes in auto interior shampooing. If you’d like your car to look as amazing as you know it does underneath those layers of dirt, and if you want polite, professional, responsive service from people who are always up to a challenge when they spot a stubborn stain, call Crystal Shine Auto Detailing, Dubai. You won’t pay a lot, and you’ll have fun watching your car start to gleam again.

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