Rust repair and treatment


Rust repair and treatment

Whoever has owned a car before, they need to know about one of the biggest fears all car owners have. It is nothing else but rust. Sometimes, you cannot be all too careful to avoid it, no matter what treatments have been used on your car. The environment can also be specifically rust inducing and the climate and situation of Dubai. It is just the perfect example for that. Sandy, humid wind that’s blowing from the sea or ocean almost all the time is some of the most rust inducing environment for any car. This is exactly why if you live in the UAE, then you ought to pay way more attention to rust repair and treatment methods than others would.

Let’s get to see, what methods are successfully by the best car services to ensure a car won’t get rusty and to remove all the existing rust including rust preventive actions too.


The first signs of rust

Rust comes as invisibly as illnesses or tooth cavity does. A few cracks, scratches which are un treat can easily be the starting of rust on your car’s surface. This is also known as surface rust. If notice in time can be rather easily stop, by forms of repainting and applying of protective coats.

Types and ways of rust repair and treatment

When it comes to defining car rust, there are some leading types of rust to mention

  • Surface rust- shows up in tiny cracks
  • Scale rust – shows up more extensively making the car’s paint coating look ugly and used
  • Penetrating rust – when rust eats up an area and starts expanding.


To best prevent your car from rusting you need to do the following:

  • Get your car wash regularly as dirt with humidity is some of the best environment for any kind or rust to form.
  • Have an anti-rust overall protective coating apply on your car
  • Check your car’s drain holes, the bottom of the doors, the bottom of the whole car and the panels ( rocker) which are especially vulnerable to rusting as these are the places where the largest quantity of water ( rain or snow) goes through and may get stuck. Pipe cleaner is great to clean these regularly

Rust treatment

  • For Rust Repair and Treatment, remove surface rust from penetrating your car’s surface by completely clearing all the rusty surface then applying and anti-rust primer on the whole, before repainting the area.
  • Remove scale rust that’s a deeper sort of surface corrosion. With the help of a wire brush, then clean the surface of both rust and paint. In the end a new coat of paint is apply on the infected area ( but not before an anti-rust primer or coat)
  • Eradicate larger corroded areas. These parts are either remove or change completely. If a service has an excellent welder he can also work with cutting out just the corroded surface and welding a new one in the old area’s place. The second method is of course much harder and more expensive too.

Today services also work with coatings which have no need to remove the rusty surface in advance.

Contact us for more information on getting your car check. Also, to get a complex rust repair and treatment as soon as possible.



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