Remarking Buttons and Switches


Most of us tend to use our car on a daily basis. This means a heavy usage of not just the engine but several buttons and switches inside your car. This leads to a natural amortization of those switches or buttons which we tend to use the most frequently. If you ever wanted to buy a used car, have you recognized how badly used some of its switches may look like and how much does it affect a customer’s opinion about it? 

Indeed, an immaculate interior is always a must-have no matter the age or the frequency of usage. Therefore we, at Crystal Shine have decided to come up with a specialized service which targets the renovation of your interiors.


While driving there are two or three buttons or switches on our car or on the steering wheel which we use on a constant basis. These generally include the buttons for the radio, the buttons and switches which control the air condition and the ones which we use for the windows. Of course other signs may also be included depending on the type of usage and of the user. These respective  buttons will eventually become dirty and greasy and then they get to look more and more worn out with the passing of the years. Thanks to the constant sand in the air which has a massive corrording and damaging effect to all car parts, this problem is even more relevant in a place like Dubai.


To summarize all this all the used switches and buttons can give a very bad look to your interiors.

Let’s see what our service of Remarking Button & Switches offers you

Our re-marking buttons and switches service:

  • We work with a great deal of car parts dealers. They can deliver switches and buttons for all types of cars.
  • We can practically do a full renovation of the whole control panel if necessary. Replacing all the used switches to new and good looking ones.
  • Our service also includes the replacing of ignition switches and brand symbols. Especially those which are on the steering wheel and which can in fact become looking heavily used, worn out after a while.


Who we are offering this service for:

  • Car rental companies who need their car look immaculate at all times, especially when talking about luxury models
  • Car sellers: who want to sell or resell cars with the best conditions possible
  • Everyone who would like to show they care for their car and not let them look worn out

Our Remarking Button & Switches service can be asked as a separate service or an additional service to any of our general or specialized cleaning and detailing services.


We can get your Remarking Button & Switches replaced within a matter of hours or days it all depends on the exact type and vintage of your car. First we will do an overall examination of all the control panel and sweating wheel. Then collect the details of all the buttons/switches which would need to be replace. We will serve you a quote and it is up to you which once you decide to be replace. Our service is guarantee. Your replaced switches and buttons will work exactly like brand new ones.



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