Reliable, professional and trustworthy Bird dropping repair


Reliable, professional and trustworthy Bird dropping repair

Reliable, professional and trustworthy Bird dropping repair

We offer the bird dropping repair service to your vehicle. We ensure you that the birds would not be able to put a dent in the beauty of your beloved car. We have the experts who are able to remove any kind of birds’ droppings. The dropping no matter how hard, restive or old is dealt with dedication.

You will see the nothing but shining on your vehicle

Our service of removing the birds’ poo is so fantastic that No one could notice if any bird ever dirtied your car. Give us a chance to confer our service and you will see the nothing but shining on your vehicle.

The sooner is better

There are some tips to those are important for having a shining car. It is vital that you make the arrangement to remove a bird dropping off your car as soon as the dropping lands on the car. It is not good if you take time after noticing this on your car. Once it comes into your consideration you should get the help to remove it.

Acid causes the problem

·         You must understand that Bird droppings contain Uric Acid and Uric Acid in them and which are corrosive enough to gobble the coating of wax or paint sealant.

·         This damage the paint looks severely and the moment it lands on the surface of your car, it begins to etch your car’s paint.

·         So doing late will not be very wise decision here. You can come to us to get your vehicle rid of this problem.

Acid Grit

It found that bird poo is extremely acidic and also often contain coarse roughage or grit. This grit which has passed through the bird’s digestive tract is dangerous for your car. It is this grit which will scratch the surface layer of the car.

Seltzer Water for fresh bird poo

We remove the Bird Droppings from Your Car with Seltzer Water if it is fresh. But if it has landed on your car for a long time, and has gotten hard this will not leave by the water only. We have professionals to combat this challenge.

Dynamic of bird mess

·         The top layer of paint lacquer warms in daytime day, it softens and expands due to sunlight, while bird droppings are instead dry and become hard due to sunlight.

·         Later on, when the lacquer contracts, it can harden the bird mess, leaving a bothersome impression on the surface. Come to us to tackle this problem.

·         While the effect of it might be fairly slight. There is the small imperfection which can create a visible dull patch in the beauty of your car. You visit us and we will settle it right.

Hardened Droppings

If left to harden, however, bird droppings can have a devastating effect on your beloved car. The paintwork is eaten into by the acid. This not only strips the paint finish but can also fade the color of your beloved car.


 CRYSTAL-SHINE offers the professional service which will bring the neatness and luster of your car back again.

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