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Plastic Parts Protection

Nowadays if you want your car to be totally and perfectly protected there are tons of improved methods for doing so. Let’s see what methods can be used for Plastic Parts Protection. Let’s see some of the best methods for doing so.


About protection:

It’s important to emphasize on the fact that protection of the whole vehicle with all of its parts, no matter whether they are already installed or they are pre-installation, is extremely important because the car can only be perceived a 100% quality until all of its components look brand new. That’s why manufacturers started to look for the best possible solutions which provide a temporary protection from lighter scratches and from a tool or a part look used prematurely. Protection is used before assembling a car together and ensures that the surfaces remain clean and look literally untouch.


Self-adhesive film protection

This is one of the newest methods out of all, when a protective otherwise invisible film is apply on all the surface, including the plastic parts in order to provide a full-coverage protection. The self-adhesive film protection was first use by car manufacturers in order to give protection for the parts during transportation, after production and until they are being assemble.


Today there are types of protection which are not only use for plastic parts exclusively, but can be use on the full surface which includes metal, textile and interior too including the consoles and the carpets.

The content of silicone in the self-adhesive protective materials makes sure that the surface of all tools looks shiny and smells good in the same time.


Film protection can be apply in the following different ways:

  • In form of spray – this is an easy form of layering although it needs some after treatment to ensure layers are covering everything that needs to be cover.
  • Foam – foam provides a sure protection. It also needs some after treatment with wipes to make sure the layer gets everywhere.
  • Tape – tapes are rather for corrective reasons and before the application of paint or protective spray.
  • Wet wipes – the most basic sort of protection that car owners often utilize. It’s easy, not messy and offers a quick cleaning solution with some of the benefits of protection too.


Types of specialized protection include:

  • Plastic Parts Protection
  • Bumper and other plastic exterior protection
  • Security sealing
  • Leather protection
  • Glass and Plastic Parts Protection
  • Alloy wheel protection
  • Carpet and textile protection
  • Trim and entry trim protection
  • Protection of door panels


How these products can help your car:

  • Ensure Plastic Parts Protection for the interior where the highest number of plastic can be available.
  • They will not only protect from dust and dirt but thanks to their silicone content. They will provide long-term shine for all the plastic parts.
  • Their effect last for over a week depending on the frequency of usage


While spray is use the most effectively also by car manufacturers and in car services. We can offer you a wide variety of post-treatment solutions too.



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