Pet Urine Removal


Pet Urine Removal


If we spend a lot of time in our car and if we use our cars frequently, it can often happen that we also take our beloved pets with us either for a shorter or for a longer ride. However great an experience this is, our pet can leave some lasting clues in the interior of our car. Unpleasant Odors caused by the presence or urine of pets unfortunately can be lasting and pretty hard to get rid of. Luckily we are crystal shine will be glad to take care of your car for Pet Urine Removal and help it get rid of all unpleased and odors. However, let’s provide you with a quick guide on how you can prevent accidents to happen and how you can also protect the interior of your car.

Removal of Pet Urine or other odors!

Pet Urine Removal and other odors can be due to a pet not being properly washed, being dirty, muddy or sustained any other sort of contamination can leave a lasting memory within your car. There are some dog owners who have their dog continuously travel with them. Therefore they got used to all the unpleasant smells are the result of these journeys. However if you get in a car, unused to these odors, these can really make your driving or travelling experience a pretty bad one.

The root of the problem is, that smell, unlike contamination is not something that’s very easy to wash off. Bad or good smell will also take in by the textiles and upholstery of the whole car. This is exactly why, after a while even if your dog is not in the car with you, it would smell like it always is. And this smell is very challenging to go away.

A perfect Solution for bad odor

Unpleasant pet odors or Pet Urine Removal in a car can make the car pretty hard to sell to anyone else. Also it’s important to emphasise the fact, that a normal wash would not take the bad odors out either.

This is exactly why chrystal shine has lots of solutions to help refresh your upholstery. Your textiles with special chemical procedures such as Ozone treatment, to give your car a brand new smell.


Pet Urine Removal is part of our extensive interior detailing service whereas we take care of the following:

  • Deep cleansing of all rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces for them to shine again like they were brand new
  • Complete vacuuming
  • Steam cleaning of all textile and upholstery
  • Cleaning of all the jambs, locks, hinges
  • Specialised leather cleaning services
  • Polishing all the glass surfaces from the inside
  • Chemical odor elimination


This is a process we have lots of experience in providing to our clients. Chemical odor elimination is also a great way for our clients to get rid of other unpleasant odors such as

  • Cigarette/cigar smoke
  • Odors of food or drink remnants


Chrystal Shine will make sure, you get your car back in style. Its interior will seem just like it’s brand new pair up with a fitting odor of a brand new car.

Our service is quick, all you need is to contact us. We will arrange a convenient time when you can spend without your car and take care of all the rest. Call us or email us today for more details.



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