Pen Mark and Slime removal


Kids always enjoy drawing and screw up things for us, isn’t it? Undue scolding, shouting at them will make them more restless. Keep calm and be tension free and leave pen mark and slime removal on us. Crystal shine has more than ten years of experience in the car repair industry. It has good solutions for almost all problems related to cars. Not only that we have special equipments and tools, professional skills get the task perfectly in the short possible time. So feel free to reach us for anything from expert advice to getting your car repair or service. We will be happy to serve you.

Seat shampoo

Dirt, stains and pen marks can be removed from fabrics using car shampoos. They appear as a simple solution but do you know over shampooing can cause your seat to develop fungus and foul smell if not removed completely and dried properly? Doing it yourself might make matters even worse. Selection of right type of shampoo is an important factor. We use shampoos that best suits the type and texture of fabric used in your car interiors. Our team excels in pen mark and slime removal.

 Steam Cleaning

There are special equipments known as the steamers which get your car fabric clean off pet hair, pen marks, chewing gum residue and so forth. Usually steam cleaning is done by vacuum cleaning to dry clean the dust and other hard substances which can be suck out of hidden areas. Steam cleaning further helps remove the residual coffee stains, oil spills etc. Then further suction cleaning is done to remove excess water after steam cleaning. A combination of heat and water is not only good for certain fabric types but also the task of pen mark and slime removal is made easy with it.

 Stain removal

Specialize solutions are use to remove stains in case of leather components. Water might corrode and harm the leather. Steam cleaning is one of the best approaches for pen mark and slime removal when it comes to non-leather fabrics. Stains of stickers or chewing gum residues on window panes are clean off with special tools which ensure that no scratches are develop in process and slime is remove completely.

 Chewing gum removal

Old stains of this sticky thing are often hard to remove. We use special solutions couple with other tools to scrape it off slowly targeting at its base so that car surface is not compromise during cleaning process. There are some home remedies available too. We look upon the cause and gravity of the slime before targeting them. In certain cases when chewing gum is available on car exteriors, windows etc, applying ice may serve the purpose if it is not much old. The cold of ice makes the gum harder and with drop in temperature, it eventually loses its stickiness and falls off. But for hair thin gum marks this approach might not work.

 Tar removal


While driving on a newly tar road, sticky particles get scatter on the car body especially near the wheels and rear car areas. Tar can corrode the material if not treated on time. Home remedies will not work in this case too. Contact Crystal shine as soon as discover anything of this sort before it is too late.

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