Ozone Treatment


Ozone Treatment

There are tons of ways and even more only DIY solutions which all give people a good chance to get rid of invasive smells in their car. But there are times, when all these prove to be just not good enough. In addition, some of these DIY solutions forget to explain how damaging some treatments can be for the interior of your car, leaving you with lasting patches and often damaging of textile and upholstery. There are many forms of cleaning which if tried by someone inexperienced can in real cause much more trouble than provide with a handy solution.

That’s exactly why we are crystal shine would like to give your car the best treatment it deserves and with our Ozone Treatment it is guaranteed that your car will suffer no damage at all, while it will get its new smell back.

How many of us do love the smell of a new car?

In fact it has become such a beloved smell that there are even air fresheners which are advertised to give your car its “new smell” back. But air refreshers are unable to save you on the long term. Especially if your car bears multiple sources of invasive smells that drive a bad experience for you. Pet odors, food leftovers, spilled drinks, cigarette or cigar smoke can all cause a big issue once upholstery and textiles take all their smell in. From then on, one part of the smell would stay, no matter how detailed your interior washing technique is.

Smell consists of living molecules which just like an active corrosion would not just go away. Once wash but cause bigger health issues. Bad smells can affect our mood. On the long haul they can become so invasive that they can even make us sick!  That’s exactly why it is so important to make sure no bad smell remains in your car. So get it professionally clean from time and time again. This is where Crystal Shine provides you with the best solution and that’s the alone standing Ozone Treatment

How does Ozone Treatment work?

This means a highly concentrate professional use of the gas Ozone. To get rid of all living molecules within the whole upholstery, all textiles and all the rest of the surfaces inside your car. Researches have realize, it is most effective solution to disinfect any sort of a surface, place or an area.

Ozone has long been use in hospitals and other treatment facilities too for this reason. Ozone is an unstable molecule in itself causes an active and immediate corrosion to all other living molecules it meets. This is also why only highly trained professionals can do Ozone Treatment within a fully controlled environment. Crystal Shine is one of the very few car cleaning companies in Dubai. They have the facility and the qualification to provide interior Ozone Treatment for your car.  This is a 100% effective and fully guaranteed method leaving your interior clean and smell free.


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