No more scratch, no more headaches


No more scratch, no more headaches

It is said that you cannot buy happiness, but if you buy a car the happiness gets double. Talking about today’s modern day world, owing a car is the status symbol. The people have different models of car and they love to tell this. This shows how much they invest in their cars. When it is about maintaining them, we come to know the real value of keeping the car with us. A menace can happen in form of scratches on the body of your car. This is not only a scratch on a car but on the heart of its owner too. A small scratch can be a reason for making you frustrating. The results are dangerous if it is left unattended. Definitely, it leads to the rust formation.

How does it feel?

Scratches distract the people while seeing a car. At that time, a car owner gets irritated and without giving any thought takes the service of an unknown company. They use a new coat of paint or do a simple touch up to remove the scratches. Some of them do not go for the scratch removal process in a fear of high cost or any bad experience of getting any services.

How does Crystal Shine work?

Due to the busy work culture, leaving the car at a service station becomes totally a headache. At Crystal Shine, we take care of your car whether it is a small scratch or cleaning up the whole interior. Our experts help in keeping the car look new after completing the scratch removal process. This is the reason; Crystal Shine is now a one-stop place where your entire car related worries come to an end.

§  Determining the scratch

This is the very first step to analyze whether it is a scratch or just another thing. On the confirmation, our experts start their work.

§  Analyzing the depth

The next step includes an approach to determine the depth of any scratch. This is required to decide the way to repair it.

§  Cleaning up the area for repair

The area is washed properly so that dirt is easily removed. After that, we start working on the scratch and clear the coat. 

§  Let’s start the repairing

The right rubbing compound is used to rubs over the scratch. A buffer pad is used to spread it properly. The process is continued until a clean surface is not visible. After that, the area is washed properly and our work completed on giving back you a new looked car.  

Crystal Shine, the name is enough to tell our story. We are the leading car care service provider. Our services include maintenance and repairing of the car by following required standards. Our team completely understands that a single scratch can hamper the appearance of a car. Here, we not only offer scratch removal solutions but also make your car look like a brand new model. The whole process is done under the view of experts who are proficient in offering a complete range of treatment to your car.

Make your car scratch free by trying our services!




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