New tyres for cars-get instant installation


New tyres for cars-get instant installation

We know the value of good conditioned tyres, thus it is highly recommended by our experts that one should regularly check the condition of their vehicle’s tyres. Having the best of the experts we, at crystal shine repair and assign the best substitution of your wheels. Whilst offering many of the customized choices.

·         The emergence of checking your tyre condition and performance foresight

Are you aware of the fact that taking the proper maintenance measures and condition of your vehicle’s tyres can save you a lot of time and from mishap occurrance? The ailment of Worn-out tyres considerably hinders the overall performance of your cars. Whether its the efficacy of acceleration, steering, and brakes, altogether the particulars that keep tracks you and your car’s safety.

·         Factors to look after


The Crystal Shine has jotted down a few points that you should be aware and informed about:

1.      Inspect the whole ailment of your vehicle’s tyres,

2.      Inner and outer sidewalls check.

3.      Examine tyre’s depth and pressure on regular basis.

4.      Take actions in case there’s any sign of rough wear.

5.      Spare tyre examining.


·         Owner’s guide to doing the self-inspection of your Tyre


Tyre Density and Pressure

Regular tyre pressure check is mandatory for any type of vehicle. The shape of the tyre can be falsely mistaken as not to be inflated.  If you are having any kind of surety with related to the type of tyre you are making use of, come to us for having the best of the amenities to handle its state.

Also, we have our own owner guidance manual that you can look into: –

  • Tyre pressure should only be tested when your tyres are cold, means when they are at rest. It is not recommended to check it right after any drive around.
  • Driving under the circumstances of inflated tyres can cause instability of your vehicle.
  • The off beam tyre pressure also upsurges tyre wear.


·         Wheel Positioning and alignment

Inspecting the condition of the tyre, you can perform a check whether it is properly aligned or not. In case of evenly worn out of its surface, it shows over/under inflation signs. However, if you see any worn only on particular edge then it is the outcome of a poor wheel alignment. We provide a proper professional garage check for your tyre alignment track in your vehicles.

·         Harmonizing of Wheel and it’s balancing

Unstable wheel leads to the hazardous motorized causes to your vehicle. Our Crystal Shine tyre aligning and fitting cores will balance the overall performance of your wheel. As they harmonize all together executing an excellent drive for you.

·         Tread Depth


Different tyre types have different tyre depths, which are needed to be handled properly? If any reduction in the depth and size of the tyre is inspected, then it should be checked by a professional. As this could lead to unbalancing of the tyres altogether causing it to perform poorly. We have all the gears to check its depth and properly measure it thoroughly. 

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