Leather Seat Color Change


We always get a predefined colour for leather seats in vehicles. For high end luxury vehicles they may be light creamy in colour and in certain cases white leather is used in cars. Is it possible to customize the colour of your car interiors? How can we change the car leather seat colour? What to do to keep them intact and last long? We have many questions when it comes to car seats, specially the one made of leather. This material requires specialized treatment as exposure to water can damage them. Our team of experts at crystal shine help you get leather seat colour change with specialised tools and skilled professionals who get the task done perfectly in the least possible time. So that you can show off your car in parties or to your guests at home and gain some reputation among your peers. With colour change you get a whole lot of options from us.

          Colour Choice

We have a wide range of dyes, apart from the standard ones available in the market. Let us know your colour preference and we will get it to you through custom colours obtained by mixing the standard ones. We not only get you leather seat colour change but also protection solutions over it too. Once the colour choice is made you can leave the remaining task on us. We will make sure that the task is done with perfection and add additional protection so that they last longer and keep off dust and dirt.


          Repair seats

Now, what to do if our seat covers are torn at places and have the underneath form exposed? Is it still possible to change their colour? Well, leave the task on us. We have fix for almost all types of stains, fade offs, dirt removal, pen marks removal and so on. As a first step the existing seat condition is enhanced to make them fit and fine, further we proceed with colouring procedures using special dyes and equipments.


          Support complete interior colour change

Not only restricting to the leather seat colour change, all leather parts used in interiors of high end vehicles like BMW, Porche can be re-coloured to your likes. Full interior colour change include changing colours of the dashboard (whether plastic or with leather coating), carpet colour change, seat covers, roof colour changes. All these are done with utmost care and perfection.




Leather is an exotic-material which requires special care using conditioners. Once leather seat colour change is achieved, we use special substances to protect it. Added as an additional layer over the dyes; ensuring the longevity of colours and see to it that the dust, dirt or water vapour does not stick around to damage leather. Specialized conditioners made for leather helps it stay clean and bring along special smell of the freshness as if they were brand new. We also have special services for leather that include saddle-soap cure, moisturizing leather, leather rejuvenation and so forth.

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