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A car is a cramped, confined space where you and your family have fun hours at a time. There’s a lot that can go wrong, and it does – dust, dirt, grime, grease, sweat, spills, toilet accidents, stains and odors that no one can explain. Once a year, twice, hopefully, you should let the experts at Crystal Shine Auto Detailing, Dubai give your car the shampoo treatment. Your car’s fabric seats will get the tender, loving care that they need to spring right back to life. No more unsightly discoloration and stains. You won’t find another service in Dubai that offers shampoo expertise the way Crystal Shine Auto Detailing does.

Get the professionals

One of the biggest car care mistakes that Dubai’s car owners make is to see a seat shampoo job as a simple matter. A friend who does car detailing on the side is often given the job, and advice from an Internet chat room is often trusted. There are all kinds of mistakes that get made in these ways.

One of the most obvious ones – the shampoos and chemicals used are wrong kind for the fabric in your car. The use of consumer-grade equipment that isn’t powerful enough to suck out moisture delivered, especially with special, extra complex weaves, is a problem, as well. It’s impossible for anyone without special training to determine the specific kind of fabric in use, and to source the right cleaning chemicals, foams, antimicrobial shampoos, degreasers and spot removers for the job. It takes an expert.

Over-shampooing that leaves soapy residue behind to corrode the fabric, over-wetting that won’t come out, and poor drying, are all serious ways in which you can let your seats down.

Get your cars Upgraded in Leather!

We are one of the premium manufacturers of custom leather designs. We give you the finest quality at a price that is economic. We not only source but also install new leather upgrade in your cars. We can personalize them for you in dual tone; give your car the perforated look, custom stitching or even embroidery to match your vehicle. We design comfort and style for your vehicle at prices unimaginable!

Picture your car with a luxurious premium upgrade and a leather interior. You might have come across a lot of cars that have it but when looked around, might have found an expensive dealership. Now you don’t need to worry about a customized leather look because you can have it all and we will design it for you. We offer a range of choices that are virtually limitless, so you have a plethora of variety to choose from. We help your cars get the leather upgrades not only in seats but also the interiors, the roof and the front of the car.

Why Leather?

We have a considerable amount of experience in upgrading cars with leather accessories. A few reasons why leather is better are:

·         Leather trims can be maintained more easily that cloth trims

·         Leather upholstery can take stress which increases the longevity of your car

·         Keep your car odorless with leather seats and trims as leather tends to repel accumulation of odor or stains.

·         Increase the efficiency of your air conditioner with leather interior.

·         If leather seat coverings are used instead of cloth seat coverings, cost of hiring cars or taxis is reduced.

This is why leather is an advantage in a car and hence should be used more often than any other material.

Leather perfectionists

A car is a very important and an expensive investment, which is the reason why we use the finest materials while doing the interiors of your vehicle. We tailor your car with services and products of which we offer a wide range – colors, trims and stitching. Our experts at Crystal-Shine offer professional services which are governed by a highly specialized team. We make sure that your vehicle is upgraded in the form you imagined it in.

We have been serving this industry for a good amount of years and hence are perfectionists at knowing what suits which car. Our highly trained and experienced team of professionals not only helps you in knowing what suits your car but also help in the installation of the same.

We make sure that your car earns you the reputation of perfection while offering comfort and value increase. Although a car is a vehicle that helps you go places and all but to nourish it is as important as taking care of any investment. So pamper your car a little to give it that unique look. Get complimented and leave your friends in awe with this amazing upgrade that you have imagined and we will fulfill it. We not only make seat covers for you but also repair, improve or upgrade it.




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