How you can wash and wax your car


How you can wash and wax your car

How you can wash and wax your car


It may look like counter intuitive, however washing and waxing your car regularly is the perfect method to sustain its outdoor paint-finish for a long time. Almost all the leading names of Car Wash and Wax and associated detailing items are particularly made to work tenderly on the high quality clear-coat paint finishes discovered one every car created. They are best for eliminating twirls as well as other blemishes leaving a glossy shine. Here are some important tips related to car cleaning and waxing.

Clean up tar and bugs      

Tar and bugs have a tendency to increase on the edges of the car-body, windshield and leading edge. Use a tar and bug cleaner to the bug-wipe and then rub it onto the surface from where you want to eliminate the debris.

  1. Washing your car

Add the suggested level of concentrated car-cleaner to a container full of water, and get another container with water for cleaning the sponge during the cleaning period. When you wash off the whole car, you can employ a sponge or washing mitt and begin cleaning the roof area. Begin from the roof to clean out the car so that unclean water will not overflow to the panels that you have cleaned recently. You should wash just one panel at a time so that the soapy water doesn’t get dry. Make use of sufficient water force to remove the suds. Repeat the same process until the whole car is clean.

  1. Clean tires and rims

When your car’s tires and rims are cold to the touch, begin by carefully washing them. Spray one rim and tire with a good quality cleaner, then use a soft bristled brush to the crevices. Carefully wash your rims and tires to eliminate the leftover debris and cleaner. Now repeat the same process on other rims and tires.

  1. Drying your car

Make use of a soft terry cloth-towel or a damp chamois to eliminate the extra water from your car. Begin drying your car from the roof and then come done to the lower body parts.

  1. Waxing your car

Take away your car from direct sunlight. Just let your car to cool down. It is the quite complicated process in the Car Wash and Wax. You need to begin by wetting out your preferred wax applicator, comprised with the wax can. Now you need to apply was on the wax applicator, and then put it on the surface where you wish to use it. You should cover just one panel at one time.

The next step is to cover the middle area of the car as this assists you to prevent applying wax into the jambs. Let the wax dry out for a few minutes. Make use of a clean terrycloth and wipe out in one direction for removing the wax film. Now make use of a polishing buff and cloth in the reverse direction to get a wonderful shine. Repeat the process until you have finished the complete vehicle.

So, this is it! We hope this Car Wash and Wax methods are helpful to you. So try it now.



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