How you can pick right car model


Deciding Among Car Models Isn’t Easy


Now a days there are so many brands in the market and new designs introduced all the time, which makes it really hard where to start and when choose a car. It’s even more confusing when people buy same brand again due to their former experience with prior car model, ignoring new and better options. Fewer take recommendation from friends and some gets trapped to clever advertising.

However, there is always better way to pick right car model that is possible with practical approach that also allows room for fun.

Here’s an overview of the process:


  1. Find out what exactly you are looking for
  2. Plan your budget
  3. Use a car finder tool to match your needs
  4. Test at least five cars
  5. Review your research and decide

Let’s take a closer look at each step.

Find out what exactly you are looking for

Try to be little honest to yourself while deciding on a car and think wisely whether you need a car for personal use, for family use, for off-road driving or just for car rally event? If you try to have a car with all types of functionalities, you’ll probably end up buying more than one car and paying dearly for it.

In life, there are always needs and wants. Therefore, when picking a car, start to understand that to what extent you need a car. Because, we should only prioritize things when they are in our range of purchase. After acknowledging the need of car move on to narrowing down the type of car that best suits you. Write down the most important requirements on a piece of paper. And by following the list, it will definitely direct you towards making right choice of a car.

As mentioned earlier, you must evaluate decision of picking a car upon your need. For example, if you have a large family which requires big space, then your choice will be no brainier. And if you are a bachelor and mostly drive off-road on weekends, then obviously you’ll go for a four-wheel drive vehicle.

But maybe you are among those who contribute a large section of population: who mostly use their car for commuting or picking up their kids from school. If so, write it on the top of the list as ‘primary need’ and write down the rest as additional wants. Follow this method and it’ll save your time from being spoiled, or let me better say being tricked by that smart salesman who can sell combs to the bald. You know many times we just enter the shop and we end up coming out with unwanted junk purchased, that’s because we didn’t plan properly well in advance on what exactly we wanted and the sales person took advantage of our confusion and convinced us on buying his advice.


Plan your budget

As mentioned earlier don’t think about buying a car unless you have sufficient savings to pay the initial down payment to bank. For the rest payment you’ll probably consider a car loan, with easy installment plans. Highly recommend here that you also do a thorough research on best car loan providers and their interest rates, installment plans, any hidden charges etc. Choose the bank that suits your budget and fits in your need, don’t go for the bank with maximum advertisements on TV or internet. Furthermore – as a rule of thumb, or an estimate value – try to keep your total monthly car expense below 10-15% of your salary.


Don’t Go Beyond Your Budget


Best way to calculate a car plan could be done through car loan calculator and select a plan that comfortably suits your budget. Avoid stretching loan for 5 year just to fulfill the desire of purchasing luxury car. Remember the banks will offer longer period of time that’s only because they are making more money out of you; The longer the installment plan, the more interest you pay on your loan. Just don’t be lured by that, it’s a bad thing for you even though it’s phrased as a sweet candy, avoid it as much as possible and try to go with a maximum of 3 years installment plan. Remember Warren Buffett once said “If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need.”


Use a car finder tool to match your needs

There are many automobile websites, such as,,, Mercedes or, where you can find tools that allows you to filter your quest by price, model and area option. Try to set a target list of at least five cars per day so that you can contact the owner or showroom and reach there for inspection and test drive. Try to book an automobile expert and take him along with you, in case you are buying a pre-owned car. Finally if you can’t find any reliable expert who is willing to help you, try to sell them the car and get an estimate of the worth of the car.


You might need a car finder tool to complete your hunt


Even if you are happy with the model you have selected, it’s wise to look at some other competitor models. Because, the market is over crowded with vehicles and it’s very easy to overlook a car that might better suits your needs as compared to your top pick. Hold your breath and remain patient during the entire process, because once you bought a new car, it will accompany you for years.

If you are feeling daunting with the process, don’t put yourself into trouble and seek consultancy on this process by using Crystal Shine Auto Center expert advisory, that will specifically pinpoint the type of car along with the features that you are looking for.


Test at least five cars

There is a popular saying about cars, “The feel of the wheel will seal the deal.” There’s a lot of truth inside the phrase, thus you might not hesitate to test drive your selection. Here’s an easy way to get this job done by prioritizing a morning time preferably on weekend, when car lots are empty, and then call the dealership’s department. Talk to the manager and explain him that you want to schedule a test drive, but you won’t be able to buy at the same time because you’re still comparing different cars. Drive at least five targeted cars per day so all of your impression will stay fresh in your memory. Remember one important thing, if you are family person, do involve your family in the process so they feel an involvement and you also know their liking, this is just a sideline advice. At the same time do remember that excitement and love for family can also steal the show, just relax on every test drive and wait for the next car experience. Once you test all available options, make a sensible decision with the consent of your family. Explain them also why you choose a certain car over other. This way you and your family stay together and you got the joy of your selection.



Review your research to finalize a decision

After back-to-back test drive of multiple cars, take expert opinion if you’re still undecided. Once you take a firm decision, you can move on to make a deal. At this phase don’t let your emotions and temptation overcome your choice. Cover the practical bases first, and then you can let the door open to other fun factors. Only then it’s possible to have a car will not only fulfill your needs but also bring immense pleasure on your face.

Note that you can take advise with regards to certain make and modals from their existing owners, although their opinion is absolutely in their own capacity and frame of reference, it will still give you a good idea on the maintenance cost of car. Ask your reliable mechanic about the spares and maintenance cost of the make and modals in your mind, take their consultancy and advise before you decide.

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