Glazing / Mirror Finish

Most modern darker colour paints get swirl (scratches that look like a spiders web) marks from poor washing/ dirty cloths l sand and dust

Glazing more than wax, and other polishes applied after painting and paint corrections, glazers amplify the vehicle paint, making it very shiny and lustrous. Bring your car to Crystal Shine we have the expertise bring you the mirror finish your car deserves !

How different is glaze to other car polishes?

Though similar in product look and mode of application with some other paint process finishes like wax, glaze seeks to fulfill a totally different function. While other products like wax are used to protect the car paint from fast deterioration, glazing is solely applied to enhance the car paint.

Glazes are used to correct the painting process imperfections by filling up the microscopic and bumpy car finishes. At the same time, they even out the car paint making clearer, clean, and crisp. This forms the main difference between glazers and polishers. Unlike polishes that smooth out these imperfections, glazers fill them more appropriately evening the exterior of your automotive. The evening out of the car paint also eases waxing.

If your car is participating in a show or on display bring it to the experts at Crystal Shine for the look you have dreamed of