Gift your car a perfect new look with Scuff paint Transfer


Gift your car a perfect new look with Scuff paint Transfer

Keeping your car always maintained is quite a challenging task. The trend of cars is changing very quickly in the metropolitan cities, especially Dubai. Having a stupendous car is a symbol of your lifestyle. Sometimes, your old car displeasure you with small imperfections, for example, paint transfer scuff. That is why it becomes important to maintain them so that they function best.

With this thought in mind, you might have visited some inexperienced workers or car care service providers. Mind that the careless handling can result in blunder. Don’t get disappointed, just call Crystal Shine, which is one of the leading auto detailing companies in Dubai.

What it actually means?

Do you know actually what the Scuffs Paint Transfer means? It includes the process of transferring paint from one car onto your car’s paint. Surprised? It happens when your car’s door is bumped with another one. It can also be done by scraping your car against a pole, garage or parking bumper.

Many of the times, people confused it with paint scratch. But, there is a vast difference. You can easily identify it by checking whether the damage is just on top of your vehicle’s paint. It is not at all a difficult task to remove, although you need an expert help.

Doing the process in right way

There are many shops in the market where you can find touch-up paint or other products. Let us tell you that all these are the temporary solutions. And, if you are thinking to do it by yourself, drop the idea immediately.  Crystal Shine is here to help you in giving a shining look to your car.

Let’s sandpaper it: Doing sandpapering is the way to equalize the area’s paint. It works well and smoothens up the area, making it paint ready.

Using the exact color needed: It sounds a little bit difficult, but at Crystal Shine we choose the closest colour or exactly same colour to paint the affected area.

Don’t let your endurance fall: We agree with you that it takes time, but at our esteemed caring center we promise our clients to deliver the work on or before the time. You can trust us with this.

Want your car sparkle like a diamond, go for Crystal Shine

At Crystal Shine, the clients are an utmost priority and for them we offer the right solutions. Scuffs Paint Transfer can easily be done under the right guidance of experts. Here, we do not use any type of harsh chemicals or products that can harm your vehicle. No residue will be left behind and you are ready to get the brand new, shiny looking car.

We do not play the character as described in stories related to the car wash. The Crystal Shine is a name you can trust on when it comes to maintaining your car. If you also want your car to look as shiny as other’s one, then we are the ultimate solution for you. Here, we practice the professionalism and meet the challenges with a smile to accomplish all your requirements.

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