Get your wheel done to enjoy an awesome ride


Get your wheel done to enjoy an awesome ride

The car you drive says a lot about yourself. For most of you, a car is your daily companion whether you are going on a long drive or heading towards the office. All those who are in love with the car know the real meaning of it. There are different ways available to make it more beautiful or correct it if there are some dents or scratches. One such is Rim Straightening. It is done to smoothen up the bends on wheel rim or alloy wheel.

Your car really needs this

The bent wheels are the reason for creating vibration in a car while driving it. If not treated, it starts ruining the tires and different components of suspension easily worn out. We understand how you feel when the cracking sound disturbs you while driving. From minor to major, we take care of all and maintain your car health. The damaged wheels also fail the MOT tests and make your car unsafe to drive. Out of the shape, rims are also the reason for causing damage to steering and suspension.

Know the rim straightening process

We have the advanced rim straightening equipment at Crystal Shine. Our expert team is capable of straightening the rim and repairs it properly. Basically, hydraulic is a very common method followed to do the needful.

This process works with the blend of heating a wheel and after that, using hydraulic rams to press the bend rims. To perform this, the rim is placed on a rack inside wheel straightening rig that securely places rim. The shape is properly measured using a dial gauge in order to identify an actual location of the deformed section. To conclude, the accurate balance between heat and pressure is applied to the rim so as to correct its shape.

The mentioned rim straightening process softens the metal and protects it from future crack that caused due to pressure. On getting the rim straightened, it is once again heat treated to get the desired results.

Call the professionals

Crystal Shine easily straightens up your visible bend in front or the one hidden at the back. We use the highest quality equipment for completing the work. By doing this, vibration issues are easily fixed and do not create the future problems.

Even when the rim is badly damaged, we easily straighten it and save your hard earned money if you think of buying a new car. Our team of technicians is highly proficient in their work and amazed the clients on achieving what they want from us. The technologies we use allow us to straighten the rims of different types and styles. It takes few hours for us to do all the process and your car is returned to you shortly.

Give your car and its rim expert hands who do the straightening properly and give you the best results.

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