Get the guaranteed car maintenance at Crystal Shine


Get the guaranteed car maintenance at Crystal Shine

Car nowadays has become a necessity because it easily carries you to different places. It gives you a feeling of luxury. Most of you plan a day out with your family and your cute pets on weekend. Without any doubt, it is a stress buster. The maximum of our time spends inside the car while traveling. That is why it is equally important to maintain it likewise, without any spot, odor or must be clean.

Pets are the best companion in the car, but the biggest reason to spoil it too. Are you still wanted to take them with you? Then, you have to follow some tips.

1.      Keep them in one area only

Go for the crate to confine the spreading of fur. We advise you to instead of cleaning yourself, hire a professional. 

2.      Cover, cover

This step is also helpful in preventing the pets spoiling the seat cover. For that, you can use the old bed sheet or blanket over the seat.

3.      Be aware of the odor

It’s not only about battling with the pet hair; their smells can also irritate someone else sitting inside your car. It becomes important to clean your car after spending the quality time with your pet.


Talking about cleaning & maintenance

If you believe us, then pets spoiling clean up are the need of an hour. For this, no one is better than Crystal Shine. You can also do this task, but you cannot reach every corner of the seats and panels of the door. That’s why it is best to call professionals.


We offer you the solutions

We bring the excellent solutions for your car, i.e. pets spoiling clean up. Crystal Shine is a Dubai based company who deals in car detaining and maintaining services. When you hand over your car to us, it becomes our responsibility. Whether it is fur, their vomit or smell, our experts clean up all and make your car a brand new one. We even clean the air conditioner as there are the chances of clogging fur inside them to prevent the hamper of the cooling system.

For you, definitely, the Crystal Shine is the one-stop destination to maintain and clean your car.

Taking the assistance of professional experts

At Crystal Shine, there is a team of experts’ cleaners who use the latest cleaning equipment. Every possible care is taken to retain the color and quality of the seat fabric and covers.

In a nutshell, you can expect proficient, prompt and reasonable services from our end. On parking your car at our ground, you must be tension free as your car is in the safe hands. If you go for proper car maintenance, then the age of your car definitely increase and it will gleams after getting a pets spoiling clean up services.

If you are thinking about the car maintaining services, then trust only on Crystal Shine. we assure you the timely and quality delivery as well.



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