We find it hard to maintain the glossy finish of our cars over the years. Also to maintain our exclusive seat covers and mats is painstakingly difficult. GardX is the ultimate vehicle protection. Combined with nanotechnology, GardX Vehicle Protection System provides a durable shield over your paintwork. The recent automotive paint is water-based and is prone to fading and oxidation. After every wash, the layer of protection is also washed away. As a result, the vehicle’s paintwork is under the attack from pollutants and the sun’s UV rays. GardX Conserver provides a permanent high-gloss and ultra-protective finish that preserves its appearance wash-after-wash. Along with Conserver and regular maintenance, you might never need to polish again. It is recommendable to apply GardX Conserver monthly as a wash additive. GardX not only protects the exterior of your car, but also the interior.


The interior of your car also needs extra care and protection because of dirt transferred by family and pets. This ruins the look and feel of the car’s fabric. The GardX ‘Stain Guard’ is a high-end technology that provides each layer of fabric fibre with a barrier that shields from liquid spills, grease and oil. The liquid spillage just beads up and can be easily cleaned by a cloth.


GardX leather guard is a perfect choice to maintain the natural look and feel of your vehicle’s leather seats. It protects against stains, dirt and liquid spills and also conditions the leather seats.


The one thing we dread when we have open car parking spaces is a bird dropping. Not only being unhygienic, bird droppings are also corrosive in nature. It permanently deteriorates your vehicle’s paintwork unless you remove it immediately. The GardX Bird Dropping Remover will reduce the effect and neutralize the droppings. This will help them to be removed quickly.


Poor conditioning systems lead to cabin air, which causes sore throats and runny eyes. GardX Air Conditioning Cleaner resists and removes the source of bacteria, viruses and bad odors that circulate in your car’s conditioning systems.


Do you feel the efficiency and performance of your vehicle’s engine has reduced? Then you will need the GardX Petrol Additive. This additive increases the fuel economy. It also removes gums, tars, and carbon that build up between the fuel pump and lines, intake ports and valves, and compression rings. The GardX Petrol Additive also reduces the harmful emissions from the vehicle.


Imagine you are stuck on a busy road with a punctured tire. This is a dangerous situation for both you and others on the road. GardX Tyre Guard is a temporary repair that will ensure you can reach a safe location to contact support.  It will not repair blowouts or faulty valves.


It is evident that GardX provides you a complete package for your vehicle. Choose GardX and you will have a pleasant experience.



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