Full Resprays


Full Resprays

At times it is needed to repaint your vehicles as already existing paint may have faded off, or to have a better look and feel, or customize with your favourite colours. Why go for full resprays? If we paint over the existing faded coat of paint, it may appear fresh initially but would not last long. Underneath paint will peel off over time and the newly painted portion will appear as a patch exposing the underneath primer and over the time if untreated bare metal will be exposed which can get corroded fast. Sprays are always better than brush paint counterpart as they cover more area in depths filling all the pores and even the minute scratches. With spraying get particles wise coating instead of layer wise brush painting. Hence spray paint lasts longer and would not get peeled off like the brush paints.

          Better look and Feel

If re-sprays are done on certain specific areas it looks odd on careful observation whatever close colour combinations we use for patching up the mismatch. Full resprays gives a better look and feel to your vehicles. They let your vehicle appear as if they have been newly bought and have a smell of freshness.


          Long Lasting

Unlike partial spray or re-painting specific areas full resprays have a long lasting effect. It depends upon your need, if the vehicle is quite old and has not been painted since being bought you might have observed colours being faded off at certain portions. Instead of doing a section wise re-painting it will be good to have a full respray so that your have a fresh appearance as if your vehicle were newly bought. It can enhance the resale value of your vehicle too if you plan for a change.


          Hide pores, scratches

Unlike restoring colours using paint brushes, spray paint has an air-paint mixture and painting is done using specialized equipments which converts paint to the particle level. Once the spraying starts these particles or tiny paint droplets settle over the surface. Unlike the paint brush combination, due to the lower particle size the spray paint particles can easily settle into tiny holes, pores and even hair thin scratches (which is usually unreachable with brushes) filling them up fully and perfectly without leaving air spaces. Hence the scratches are covered and hidden completely.


At crystal shine we have a team of experts enriched with experience of over ten years in the field of car maintenance and remake. There are a few factors that you need to consider while Full Resprays.

          Professional touch

If you feel you have enough time, tools and techniques to get your can re-painted you can go ahead but having said that years of work gains experience and skills. Our finishing shows our professionalism. We will make your vehicle feel as if it were brand new.


If you would take an entire day to paint your vehicle, we would do it in a few hours, perfectly taking all precautions.



Painting without safety gears exposes you to various health hazards that can cause even cancer. Our professional team is skilled and has all the necessary gears to keep them protected from the toxic gases generated through the spray paint.


          Speed and skills

Ten years of experience gives us the fast pace and the skills to get your job done in the least possible time, hence, why wait? Get your quote as early as possible from crystal shine.

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