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Here, we would like to tell you about one of our most popular recent services Foiling Wrapping service. This service is especially for those who would really like to revive their car.  Also for those who want their car shine in a brand new color. But Let us now get some more explanation about how the process works exactly, their kind and about the advantages:

What does car wrapping means?

Wrapping is giving your car some temporary look, a different color, an advertisement or anything that changes the normal color. It is often use by those who use their car for advertising for instance. Its great advantage is that its way cheaper and much more hassle free than getting your car repaint. Also, you can get back to the original color as and when you could like to. A finely done Foiling Wrapping will transform a car and it looks exactly like natural painting. No one would realize it is not. Foiling Wrapping can be full or partial depending on our client’s expectations.

 What is used in Foiling Wrapping?

This is usually done with an application of decal and vinyl foils. It’s fix to the original paint with a very special gluing process to be durable and to look like its real. Vinyl is a very durable material which also has the ability to withstand smaller scratches. It will leave your car look entirely newly paint.

How much time does it take for a car to be wrap?

It generally takes only one day for the full process

How long does one Foiling wrapping last?

If it does apply by a truly professional company like Crystal Shine with the use of real good quality foil, then it can even last up to 5 years. Those individuals who need their car wrapped for becoming a taxi driver successfully use the Foiling Wrapping method on their vehicle and can attest to it being durable.

Can I wash my vehicle normally after it’s been wrap?

Normal car shampoo wash would not affect the wrap but rather cleanse it just like it does with normal paint, however consult your car cleaner before applying any specific chemical solutions to avoid any issues.

Does Foiling wrapping have any damaging effect on the normal paint?

Not at all, however we will need to inspect your car and if we find any rusty surface we will need to completely fix that, as the vinyl does not stick to any rust. Chipping paint must also be remove and any surface issues, such as scratches, bumps or unequal parts to get fix to ensure wrap will stay on and look natural for a long time.

Painting vs. wrapping?

Getting a car repaint is a tiresome, expensive and long procedure. It is normally for those who really need their car to look good after several years of use and therefore they are determining to fix the age issue with a fresh coat of paint. Also new paints are more durable than before. Wrapping is especially for those who actively advertise, who need a more frequent re-foiling as their vehicle is use as an advertising board.

Crystal Shine is glad to help you get your car professionally wrap. Contact us today for more info.



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