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Floor Mat Cleaning and protection services:  Floor Mats Covered in Plastic


Floor mats make a very important addition in your car. Not only do they shield and protect your car’s original upholstery from dirt, mud, water and other sorts of debris they also make your car look much better and an overall cozier place. Today, we can differentiate different types of floor mats. Chrystal Shine is here to bring your car the best types of Floor Mats Covered in Plastic to protect your car’s interiors from early amortization.


Unfortunately most cars do not come with floor mats of any type, therefore this is something the owner should take care of. We at Crystal Shine are here to help you make your choice.


Types of floor mats

Regular carpet floor mats:

Regular floor mats are the ones which are still in use by most of the car owners. These rather look like carpets which come with a plastic coating at the bottom to prevent the fabric to let all debris through the floor. These floor mats have various advantages: they are cheap, and easy to buy and replace at any supermarket.

However these also have several disadvantages such as:

  • Debris can get easily stuck in and it’s almost impossible to remove
  • Regular floor mats tend to get to look used and worn very early on
  • If not the proper quality, they can be slippery and can even endanger driving
  • They are harder to deep-clean and when wet or rainy they can have a bad smell


All-weather floor mats:

These are the mats which are the most useful to have as they are totally covered in specific type of plastic that prevents the mat to be slippery. They also come with deep channels to ensure water and other leakage will get there and won’t disturb the driving experience. These are easy to clean and maintain also at a car wash. And their drying time is also way faster than the general carpet mats. The most popular material used for Floor Mats Covered in Plastic is the Thermoplastic Elastomer, that’s very rubber like, it’s 100% recyclable and contains no harmful elements. The fabric is non slippery, non-sticky and come in multiple colors, depending on the taste of the owner. The fabric is OEM approved and suits all the proper ISO standards too.


All-weather floor mats come for the whole interior of the car, one for the driver, one for the front seat and two for the rear seating area. While several floor mats are model specific, many of these all-weather mats were specifically design to be easy to trim and tailor for the interior of any car.


Crystal Shine is happy to bring you the best assortment of fine quality floor mats. Let them be carpets or fully covered in plastic. The cleaning of floor carpets and mats of all sorts is naturally include in our interior cleaning process. Therefore we are here to ensure your carpets/mats will be as clean as new.

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