Flood Damages


Sheer luck! We are alive. It is the greatest gift of God. Does it end there? Who will repair your car? Flooding damages the engine and many of the internal parts, electronic circuitry and even corrodes mechanical parts, beyond repair. Repairs for Flood damage are labour intensive and require expert care to get them back to the condition it used to be. Air conditioning, carpets, seat covers, air vents, pollution outlets all need to be clean thoroughly and to remove moisture. Even car lights, railings, electric motors of wipers, steering wheel need to be checked for short circuits or electric board damages, paints and polishes need to be redone at certain locations and so forth. Dirt and water have strong corrosive power. Once flood waters have subsided you need to get your vehicle inspected at a workshop as soon as possible, before they corrode the internal parts. Crystal shine has a team of expert mechanics who specialise in all type of car repairs. So there is no need to worry if your car has flood damage.

Our procedure

Crystal shine has simple three step procedure, before we get start on with repair works. You can get help from friends to get the car pulled to our workshop, else we can send our professionals to the site (or at home) to tow your vehicle to our workshop.

  • Close Inspection

Before proceeding on correcting the damaged portions we do a thorough inspection of the vehicle for a few aspects. We assess the flood damage in and out. As most damages will be internal to the system and will not be visible at first sight. After assessing parts which require maintenance, cleaning, de-moisturizing and so forth we proceed with quotes.


  • Preparing quotes

Once assessment is over, a list detailing the damages and to do actions are prepared. The quote also gives you a rough estimate of time and expense to be incurred in correcting the parts.


  • Approval process

It so happens that the customers will have urgent need to get the vehicle back in condition and may wish to carry out the repairs in a phased manner. We present the quote with clear explanation of the damage and the treatment which the parts are going to get. Severely damage parts may be replace with the OEMs.


  • Start repair works


Once approved by the customer, we start by tackling the critical issues of the flood damage first and strive hard to get your vehicle working again. We make sure you car is as it was before both in appearance and functioning.

What our clients say about us!

Your car is always in great hands with us

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