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Vehicle interiors tend to get dirty often. A lot of factors may contribute towards it. If you have kids in the car and eatables with them, you can figure out the remaining story. It is quite natural for the car interiors to be more prone to bacteria growth. The reason is that it is closed, almost airtight environment.

When it comes to cleaning, there may be pieces of eatables, dust on floors, stains, and even upholstery which can give you a tough time. If you wish to do it all by yourself, definitely it is going to take you an entire day. You will get tired and may not be able to get it right completely. Is it possible to factory-reset the interiors? With crystal shine, definitely yes. We are professionals in cleaning interiors with more than ten years of experience and excellence. We can restore back the look-feel, freshness of your car interiors quickly and professionally while you sit back and relax.

Car floors

First things to get mucky are the car-floors. Though you can retard dirt rate with floor-mats the under floor areas are harder to clean especially if you have velvety interiors. And pet urine can make matters even worse. We excel in cleaning services and can get you factory-like finish with vacuum cleaning.


Cleaning seats, especially in the hidden edges needs specialized skills. May it be the scratches on leather seats to spill-over marks on your velvet seat-covers, we have solution for all. Without requiring harsh chemicals, we achieve cleaning in near natural processes to make your seat fresh and ready to use again. We steam clean seats using our automotive steam-cleaner. If you have leather seats, cleaning technique is a bit different one. As you know water is a no-no when it comes to leather, it requires specialised conditioners and cleaning techniques which can be done by a skilled professional. At crystal shine we help you get back the glossy finish and the smell of freshness as of the time when you bought your car. Our specialities for leather seats also include leather-colonising, soap treatment, leather-moisturisation and rejuvenation.

 Desert Sand

Now it so happens, after a beach party or dune-bashing, desert sand finds its way into the car and gives a tough time. Especially when sand occupies places; inaccessible to humans. And did you know the fact? Sand with dampness or moisture can create lots of microbes which can cause various diseases. At crystal shine we specialize in desert sand removal using the most modern, fast and efficient techniques that save time and cost.


Whichever vehicle we use, over the course of time it develops strong odours due to the always shut environments. Leather, fabrics are all best breeding places for microbes. The air conditioning gives them the perfect atmosphere and temperature. Hence, you now know the how and why of the foul odour. Crystal shine has a quick and cost effective solution to beat not only the odours, but to sanitise the upholstery and interiors using disinfectants like ozone and UV-sensitization. We give you a hospital like sanitisation helping to keep your family off diseases, caused from within this exotic environment.


Hence, you have all the care and neatness in the shortest time and least cost made available exclusively for you with crystal shine.

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