Eliminate the foul odor and bring the freshness of your car


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Eliminate the foul odor and bring the freshness of your car

Do you also have a list of friends who feel little queasy while traveling by car? This is a rare chance, but one day or another; you met with the tough luck of someone vomiting in your car. Believe us, if there is no precautionary thing available at that time, the clean up becomes really hard. Even the foul odor makes the scenario more intense. It created an emergency to clean it up as soon as possible. Crystal Shine brings a solution for you helping in eliminating the foul odor and shine up the interior of your car by doing vomit clean up.

How we clean up your car mess?

1.       Removing the solid matter

Our professionals first try to scratch out the maximum of solid material or remove the chunks. Rest is done by a piece of cloth.

2.       Stain out the vomit to remove excess of moisture

At Crystal Shine, we know what our customers want. To start with the actual process, our experts use the cloth to extract excess amount of moisture. This is done to make the cleaning process easy.

3.       Using an ideal cleaner

Taking help of the expert team is always being the best choice. Some of you might think that booking a cleaning service can cause a burden on your pocket. But, truly speaking it’s not if you are taking the services of Crystal Shine. 

Here, we make use of good quality of cleaner that clean the respective spoiled surface using a brush.

4.       Rinsing the area and air drying it

The team of Crystal Shine uses high – tech cleaning equipment to scrap out all the debris of vomiting. Whether your seat is made of vinyl or genuine leather, the cleaning process we adopt is totally based on them.

Equipment is used for the drying process after cleaning the surface.

Never think to try it yourself

The internet is full of different ideas for vomit clean up that you can easily follow and do. Ask just one question from yourselves, will you be able to do that? You are intelligent enough to analyze the answer. We do not doubt your skills, but this job is best suited on us.

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It’s not just about the vomiting; our services include cleaning all the interiors, treating dent, removing scratches and other car problems too. The list is endless.

Crystal Shine is counted amongst the car care service and maintenance providers, settled in Dubai. We understand what your car means to you and we value its importance. As a customer, you can expect quick and quality services from our end. We promise that you not only get rid of vomiting spot, but also the interior environment will also get refreshed. Our customer friendly staff is waiting to serve you with the best. The whole cleaning work is done while following the standards of your vehicle. Trust us; you will go your home with the brand new looking car from our ballpark.

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