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At Crystal Shine Auto Center we have built our reputation on Honesty and Integrity not to mention Quality and Timeliness.

We are pleased that after 12 years of preparing thousands of cars and working for the Large Car Dealers in Dubai and the UAE we are proud to say, no other company has prepared as many cars as! us with the satisfaction of quality score of 100%.

We have outdone ourselves with consistently delivering cars almost 24 hours before the scheduled delivery time stated!

What can we say ……we are the best choice for Car Care In Dubai for all your car care needs Whether it is Advanced Ceramic Coatings in Dubai for protecting your cars paintwork, Alloy Wheel Repairs In Dubai and Painting, Paintless Dent Repair In Dubai, Paint Scratch Repair and Painting In Dubai or having your Car Seats shampooed In Dubai and Car Roof headliner replaced in Dubai all under one roof at our Integrated facility in Dubai Exit 45 on the Sheikh Zayed Road UAE.


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