Does the shiny and glossy finish of your car seem faded now? Do the interiors of your car have lost the classy look and feel over the years? It is difficult to maintain the look of your car from day 1.


Our vehicles are prone to environmental pollutants and car manufacturers use water based paints. These paints are environmentally safe but they are prone to fading.

Diamondbrite creates a hard, high gloss protective finish that prevents roads salts, tree sap, insect fluid and other pollutants. Diamondbrite also comes with a guarantee that gives a cover against fading as well as damage due to bird droppings.


You know that they say prevention is better than cure. Once your vehicle is treated with Diamondbrite, you will never have to polish your car again. Also, a major advantage of the high gloss finish is the ease to remove dirt and grime. This is will ensure your car to look just the same as the day you bought it. Made from rock oils that are formulated into a 2-stage process, Diamondbrite creates a tough durable glaze.


During stage-1 process, a solvent-based liquid, which contains two different types of hardener, is used. Initially it cleans the paintwork of all dirt, dust and pre-delivery wax residues that has to be removed. Once it is applied, the coating is left to adhere to the painted surface.


During stage-2 process, the ceramic fill and covers all of the microscopic pits that are linked with paint finishes. It also covers the blemishes within the surface paintwork.

The high polarity chemicals then adhere to the surface, sealing the paintwork and leaving it slippery and smooth to the touch.



Wash down your vehicle using the Diamondbrite Car Shampoo followed by the Conserver. We highly recommend doing this on a monthly basis. The shampoo along with the conserver is given when the vehicle is polished the first time. It is also noted that leading airlines to protect the paint on the aircrafts use the Conserver.


The DiamondBrite Fabric Protection is used to coat individual fibre with an invisible resin based material. Your fabric is guaranteed against everyday spills and stains after the treatment. It has been effectively tested with coffee, tea, chocolate, fizzy drinks, etc. The treated fabric easily repelled these items by either passing straight through the weave without staining. A soft and clean cloth easily cleaned it.


Your car’s carpets are affected the most by dirt and also animal hair. Simple vacuuming is often not enough. The Fabric protection locks the base and the surface fibres to allow the dirt to be easily removed.


Also, the exclusive leather treatment seals the hide and also allows it to breathe. Diamondbrite’s Leather Guard shields against stains, dirt and everyday liquid spills and also moisturizes the leather. It is also known to remove even the most stubborn stains.



It is a guaranteed assurance that once your car is ‘Diamondbrited’, your car will remain good as new! 

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