Desert Sand Removal


Playing in desert sand is enjoyable, but when it comes to desert sand removal we might compromise the idea of having fun. One of the tougher tasks while cleaning our vehicle is removing sand grains that may have been introduced into the seats or floor carpets after a beach party or a sand dune-bash. They might be seemingly harmless but with friction, they can cause the seats or carpets to wear off faster. Not only this, a grain of sand is considered to have millions and millions of bacteria and viruses. With the damp, cool condition and stagnant air in the car, they get the perfect environment to multiply at a much faster rate. This can cause illness especially to babies who are just developing their immune system. There may be other natural reasons as well. If you had forgotten to properly shut all the doors and windows of your vehicle before a desert storm, you will have a real hard time to get them off the vehicle after storm has subsided. Our expert professionals at crystal shine specialize in making your car sand free even if the grains are stuck in areas inaccessible to humans.

          Suction cleaning

One of the most common methods adopted for desert sand removal is to make use of suction pumps (commonly known as vacuum cleaners). These equipments are specialised with adjustable nozzles. This takes us deep into otherwise inaccessible corners and gets the sand grains sucked out by the high intake pressure of the pump. The sand is later on disposed safely away from your vehicle. Suction cleaning is considered safe and is one of the best sand grain cleaning procedures as it does not require using chemicals or any other liquids for removing them. Using chemicals or fluids on leather seat can cause damage too.


          Window rail cleaning

If sand grains gains are stuck in the window slide rails it will be very hard to remove using bare hands or even the common tools available in market today. If not removed they can cause scratches on the window glass edges, while trying to open or close windows. Cleaning them requires special skills, tools and years of expertise. Crystal shine has a professional team of experts, who are skilled with solid experience and are best at dessert sand removal, not just from window side rails but from car interiors and exteriors as well with help of special equipments and tools made specifically for the purpose.


          Floor mats covered in plastics

We also have services to get floor mats covered with plastic so that they are kept away from dirt, dust and water. Hence making them easier to clean and maintain at home.




One of the main drawbacks with sand particles is the amount of bacteria and viruses it brings with it. With conditions turning favourable for the microbes to multiply it will be very hard to remove them completely from the car interiors. After desert sand removal, we sanitize the car using best in industry standard substances which are used in hospitals. Disinfectant ability of Ozone gas and Ultra Violet exposure minimise the bacteria count.

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