Dent Removal


Dents are small depressions often cause by the metal being press in. They feel bad and steal the look off from your cars. And the matter of fact is it may cost you quite some amount to repair even a seemingly small depression on the car body. There are several “Do it yourself” kits available with the car owners but they are just for show purposes. Treating dent requires years of training with skills being polish and evolve with on job experience. While trying to resolve them by ourselves we might apply over-force and cause the same dent to protrude out. This might be difficult to treat even by experts. So, next time you have a dent formed on the car, think twice before trying to resolve it yourself.


Well being a car owner you know that there need not be just one cause specific for developing dents. Dents are caused by carelessness. May it be while parking, reversing your car or misplacing heavy object on car bumper, most causes are unintentional.

Car door swung open

In a highly packed parking while trying to make your way out after getting your car placed properly, we just swing open the door without noticing the car parked in the vicinity and end up creating a dent. We flee away from the spot as if nothing had happened.

 Reversing car carelessly

While reversing vehicle we may not notice obstructions. Also our eye-calculations don’t work perfect while using the rear view mirror especially while parking and we tend to drive into the stopper and hence the dent again!


Working with dents

Dent removal techniques were invent almost a century ago, when cars themselves being assemble with various parts on the main assembly line. Since then technicians have been playing around discovering various techniques and tools which by and by evolved during the process. Our expert technicians at crystal-shine have more than ten years experience specialising on dent repair. There are mainly two types of dents, one which involve paint being scratch off the surface and the other paint less that might be seemingly much easier to fix.

Dents with scratches

Such depressions require specialize treatment. In the first step the dent is correct and then focus is on the finishing. It is even harder to select the paints. Over the course of time the car paints fade-off or change colour slightly. With careful examining and expert skills we can get you back the smooth glossy shiny surface.

 Paint less dent removal

Small metallic-surface depressions with no paint being removed by the cause which inflicted the dent are known as paint-less dents. These require solution for just the dent alone to get the surface back to the original form without much need for polishing or re-painting. Even experts need almost half an hour to get the dent out using precise application of force. They get a hang of it with just a few quick taps, assessing the strength required and pull it with help of a suction cap and a plastic hammer (plastic hammer fall lightly on the surface but effective enough for the purpose).



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