Can you get your favourite design while you buy your vehicle may it be car, light weight vehicles like jeep etc? No! All automobiles manufactured are painted to a set of monotonous colours with hardly any design customization options available. Manufacturing companies give you the colours to choose from. There is no alternate option available rather than picking one from the list offered.  Custom paint works not only are satisfactory in the sense you get what you wanted but also they are different and make your vehicle stand out while on roads. People will be attracted towards such designs. If we manually want to do custom painting, you will require having suitable tools and the skills. If not, leave the job on us. Professionals at crystal shine are trained over years and have their skills horned to get you the perfect finishing within the least possible time. Painting is just one main phase which appeals the most in the process. It further needs to be shielded by using paint protection techniques so that it lasts longer and does not fade off. As our vehicles are always exposed to varying climate, may it be the scorching hot sun, to cool moist winters with mist or rain, or even worse the snow effect, exterior paints should be capable enough to stand all these with grace. We have the specialised equipments, tools and professionals to get you car a new look with our Custom paint works suite.

          Brake Calliper colour change

Do you wish to have your vehicle stand out in the crowd? Go for our best in class brake calliper custom paint works. For brake callipers normal paints would not hold on for long, as these are the portions that undergo high abrasion, need to withstand high temperatures, dust, dirt, water and what not. We use paints that are just made for the purpose ensuring that they last long and do not rust, crack or fade off for quite some time. A wide of range of colours are available with us, just let us know and you have it.



Exterior colours can be changed and custom painted. We do give you options to have your car interiors be coloured to best suite your need and like. Our custom paint works include changing colour of the seats, dashboards, carpets, roofing so that you get the best look and feel as you wanted unlike the boring standard themes of car manufacturers.


          Tyre Printing

You must be wondering, custom painting is done on car exteriors but is it possible to have your favourite design on the tyres? Well why not! We have special equipments that can print your favourite designs on tyres and guarantee that they will not fade off even if exposed to water or heat.


          Long lasting


At crystal shine we not only get the car painted in your preferred design and style but also make sure to protect it. We use special process to reaffirm the paint and use layers of protection over them so that they gleam and make you proud while on roads. The protective layer does not allow dust, water to stick on them.

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