Water spots look ugly and put the dent in the beauty of your car’s beauty. If they find the place on the surface of the mirror they reduce visibility and can be the cause of accidents. We offer the hard water spot water removal service to give the better look to your car and better visibility to you while driving.

We are perfect in removing the hard water stains from glass and optical plastics. The better cleaning will help prevent future spots, stains, and damage.

Why CRYSTAL SHINE is best to choose for the hard water spot removal is best.

v  Our professionals remove hard water stains from your vehicle with dedication.

v  We thrive to achieve to restore crystal clarity to glass and optical plastic

v  We thrive to repel and bead water away from glass

v  Once we treat the surface it becomes less prone to the future water spots and stains

v  Our experts use hand or machine polisher but give the good result.

v  We remove hard the water spot stains to prevent permanent etching damage

v  We perfectly work on the windshields, headlights, tail lights, side windows, side mirrors, bug shields, and more

Time makes water spots formidable

It is the time which makes water spots formidable. When the droplet of water evaporates, all the minerals suspended inside are left behind as a surface stain.

v  The are many chemicals like the Calcium, sodium, and other alkalines leave chalky white residue on paint, glass, chrome, and plastic on any vehicle.

v  This must be treated and if these spots are left untreated, these alkalines etch into the glass and clear optical plastic. This can cause the permanent damage also.

v  You will get the brilliant result by the crystal shine restore clear vision through windows, windshields, mirrors, and bug or wind deflectors.

We restore pure optical clarity for crystal-clear glass and optical plastic-

We provide the best cleaning service by hand or machine to remove water spots. Our experts restore crystal clarity to automotive glass, mirrors, and optical plastics. We prevent the staining of the water spots by the unique blend of optical select polishes and sealant break down water spot stains, restore crystal-clarity. This help in repelling the fresh water droplets before they can stain.

Removing the chalky water spot

 We remove the chalky water spots and embedded road grime to restore optical clarity. This helps the rainwater to bead and sheet away instantly upon contact.

We provide the better cleaning of the windshields, side windows, and side view mirrors. We offer the cleaning of the plastic bug shields, and even headlights and tail light lenses to make it your car look shiny.


Cleaning is the good your vehicle. It puts your life in grave danger if mirrors are not clear. You can make your drive more secure along with it you can get the elegant look of your car. Our cleaning professionals at CRYSTAL – SHINE are second to none and impart the absolutely brilliant cleaning service.  

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