Chewing Gum Removal


  • Is that sticky substance under your car seat, carpet-floors or on door-panes irritating you? Have you gone tired of trying to remove sticker-stains? What to do in case someone pasted chewing-gum on car window? Chewing-gums are tasty, help in removing bad breath and are a good exercise for the muscles in the jaw joint. Once stuck on car exteriors or interiors it is not an easy task to remove them. Usually in an attempt to get rid of it manually, you might end up getting it spread to other parts of the vehicle due to carelessness or improper handling of the stickiness. Hence, making matters worse even for the experts to deal with. Chewing gum removal has given us a tough time but the wide range of experience has taught us a lot regarding the safe methods which can be adopted to remove not only the chewing-gums, but the remnants of stickers too. If we analyse the cases of sticker removal it so happens that in a vague attempt to remove the stickers we end up getting a potion of the sticker removed and the underneath paper still remains there either on the windshield or car seats or elsewhere.

          Removing from car seat

While battling to get the sticky substance removed from your seat, there are many do it yourself tricks available like using ice on chewing-gums and so forth, but while treating leather you need be careful else it might get damaged.


          Normal fabric seat

From cotton fabric it might not be easier to remove but crystal shine has a host of experts that can make chewing gum removal easy for you at the best prices in the industry.


          Leather seat

While trying hands on leather seats the choice of substances should be done carefully, else that may damage your seat leather. Our team at crystal shine is expert at handling such cases. We do leather conditioning, moisturizing, and rejuvenating leather and so forth to keep it fit, healthy and smell fresh.


          Removing from Carpet

When it comes to velvet surfaces, chewing-gums need special treatment as the tender fibres may get locked and once harder would be way tougher to get them removed. If any such case appears do give us a call, we will let you know the best solution that might work for it.


          From Car window

Do not close or open the car window once you have chewing-gum stuck on it, you know what the consequences will be. Once spread on windows the chewing gum removal will turn into a nasty task. There are various home remedies available like treating with ice cubes, oils but they might not work, as it require special skill to scrape it off and remove it completely without even slightest of a trace.


          Use of alcohol?

Never use isopropyl alcohol as a treatment for chewing gum removal. They may seem very much effective but you will have to compromise the vehicle appearance for it. Alcohols when used in good strength have the power to dilute paint. You can always contact crystal shine for any queries or an expert opinion for the same.




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