Cement or Concrete Spatters

Cement or Concrete Spatters

Cement or Concrete Spatters

Cement or Concrete Spatters on Your Car? You Need Professional Expertise

You work on your car’s sheen each day washing, polishing and detailing; after all the work that you put in protecting your car’s finish, however, sometimes, all it takes is one unthinking moment to see it all ruined. Parking either right below, or even in the vicinity of a building under construction, sometimes, is all it takes to get spatters of cement or concrete on your car’s paintwork, glass, alloy wheels, plastic and rubber. Sometimes, it only takes driving through a puddle of fresh, liquid concrete on a street near a construction site. You’d never know it wasn’t water until you were right upon it.

What do you do when you have concrete on your car?

If you’re able to get to your car before the concrete has had time to set, you’re in luck — you need to quickly and gently wash the spatters off with plenty of water, being careful to not actually rub any of the grit into the paint finish. Most of the time, however, you aren’t so lucky; cement and concrete tend to rapidly set. You may be able to get some off, but there will likely be tough residue.

What’s wrong with a little DIY?

Doing things yourself can be fun, even when you have no real expertise, experience, real tools or materials. It can work when it doesn’t matter how something ends up looking, and you simply need to get it working, a DIY attempt to make sense.

With the paint job on a car, it’s all cosmetic, however, and not functional. Should you make a mistake using the acid, vinegar or auto clay that the DIY guides recommend, a little mistake could be all it takes to put a dull hash of scratches that stay forever.

It may not even make sense to trust special detailing products. Even if you do find something that’s very good, it’s usually ruinously acidic, you can still do considerable damage using the right product incorrectly.

This isn’t the project to try your DIY chops on, not if you hope to ever see your car look good again. It’s not as if you’re going to save any money doing things yourself. Should you get any scratches on your car working the cement out, you’ll have managed to take a substantial sum off your car’s market value when it comes time to sell. When making a mistake can cost you thousands, you call in the experts.

Here’s what we can do for you

At Crystal Shine Auto Detailing, we have proprietary methods that we’ve developed over years — special secret ingredients, and experts who have the skills and the equipment. We know what it takes to get cement or concrete off the glossy finish off a car with no damage done.

It’s all about know-how, familiarity with car finishes, and access to proprietary materials. While we do take our time gently lifting concrete spatters off without putting a scratch on your car’s finish, we get the job done.

If you’d like to check us out before you trust your car to us, we welcome the challenge. We can show you what we do, on a small, hidden spot, on your car. We can show you how good we are at this.