Carnuba Wax


Carnuba Wax

Protecting our car from all sorts of natural and environmental damage is a priority for all of us. We all love our cars. That’s why both damage prevention and damage repair is a very important goal for car keepers all across the world. In the United Arab Emirates, where many people happen to have elite quality. Luxury vehicles it is no wonder that the need for getting an extensive protection. Especially from the sand’s and sea air’s extra corroding effects, it’s extra important to know about the best places where you can go. In order to have your car protected, and all the damages taken so far erased.

This is why we at Chrystal Shine have the extra service of outside car protection which is specifically with Carnuba Wax. Let’s get to learn how Carnuba Wax can help your car achieve a long lasting shine and protection.

What is Carnuba Wax?

Carnuba Wax has been used in the car industry. The reason for its popularity is, that it has some very specific characteristics. It would not only protect your car for a longer haul, enabling you not having to get a new wash every day, it would also make your car shine as if it’s brand new. This is exactly why this wax is being extensively used at car shows and by car dealers all around the world. This wax is the 2.0 version of the previously used Turtle Wax the effects of which diminish in comparison with the Carnauba.

How can Carnuba Wax protect your car?

According to some experts the Carnauba way has a certain quality, which basically makes the coat of paint on the car liquid, adds extra oils to it and this way makes the paint shine with extra intensity as much as if you have oiled your car. This characteristic is especially useful when you happen to have a car that’s a few years old.

The reason for this is simple. Extensive washing, the non-stop salty and sandy wind that keeps on blowing in the UAE will make car paint fade within quite a short time. This is also mention as surface contamination in the car industry. Applying Carnauba way coat each month will help your car achieve the color it once had and it goes one step beyond. It would protect your car or any other vehicle you own. This method saves you from having to get a fresh coat of paint on your car every other year.

How does the process work?

This is a soft wax that can be apply manually or with the help of machines. Yet it needs a hand polish which our staff will be happy to do for you. It can be perform in matter of hours.

How long does the effect of Carnuba Wax last?

Carnauba will give your car a great shine for a couple of weeks. You won’t need to wash your car on a daily basis any longer. This way it saves you time, money and energy.

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