Boot lining


Boot lining

Boot lining

Get boot lining in your car and save your car from dirt

The inside of your car especially the boot can get mucky and soiled due to things like wet dogs, muddy shoes or other things but lining the boot can keep your vehicle in super shape. Boot lining can save you from the deposits of oil and dirt and save your cleaning expenses if lined properly. Rubber boot lining offer the best type of protection however one can also opt for carpeted mats that keep the boot clean and tidy. Boot liners are quite savvy and they are fitted according to the size of the boot. You can wipe the boot clean and keep it protected from dirt and fragments that gather in your car boot.

Why boot liners?

If you happen to carry your muddy boots, sandy towels or garden waste in the boot of your car very frequently, then boot liner is a necessity for you. Boot liners protect your car carpets with high liners and side panels and your car will remain clean. To save yourself from the hassle of clearing up and unnecessary wastage of time, line your cars up with boot liners. Liners like Carbox and Autoform have ‘a rim around the edge’, which protects any spillage from going around and just keeps it on the liner.

This product gives you the confidence to do grubby jobs more efficiently and cheerfully as you will put your car to the best of its use with the protection of boot liners. You don’t have to worry about damp clothes or soggy camping gear or muddy bikes when you have a boot liner in place. The sticky drinks that get trodden onto the carpet while coming back from school or on a holiday can be saved. Drink holders do help but boot liners just prevent the drinks from spilling.

Carbox and Autoform

Carbox – it developed customized boot liners for cars in 1960s and all their products are quality certified. They manufacture boot liners for many car manufacturers. Autoform is another company that manufactures boot liners. They also make truck liners that are made of 100% recyclable polypropylene which makes them a perfect fit.

There are about 1000 range of different liners and mats designed for specific vehicles so that they are a perfect fit. The raw material used in creating these boot liners is flexible, durable, waterproof and recyclable plastics. The products of Carbox are rigid and shock proof. They do not have any odor and can be used for food as well. The best part about them is that they are recyclable. They are highly resistant to sharp edges and do not deteriorate or crack soon.

Which ones are perfect for you?

Universal liners are not for consumers as they need to cut to fit into the car and hence it’s a “trial and error” job. The best fit for your car, which has a rim around the edges is carbox or autoform. They stay firmly in place and have enough dimensional stability to stop low liners from moving or breaking.



With boot liners in place, your car boots will remain fresh. Not only they add to an aesthetic appeal but they will even keep your car clean and will save you a lot of clearing up. So invest in a boot liner to do all the chores without any hesitation!

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