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Was your car bumper damaged while backing up your vehicle in the parking lot? Did the car get into an accident? Are you looking for options to get it free from dents and scratches? If so, you are at the right spot. We at Crystal shine have a team of skilled experts who can get your vehicle body repair done in a professional manner. Minor accidents and damage to cars while parking is quite natural and you need not be much worried about how to get your car repaired. Most dents and scratch seem quite easy to fix, but it requires skill and lots of patience to get the dents rectified. Our team has more than ten years experience and know the best solution for your problems when it comes to body repair. We use original replacements unlike the local components which do not last long. We offer following services.


Dent removal

Dents are small depressions formed on metallic surfaces of cars. They may be caused due to a variety of reason, from improper parking of vehicle, to swinging open car doors without caring for the one parked close by. Dent removal is one of the major tasks in body repair. Fixing dents gives a hard time for everyone. Even skilled experts require about half an hour to fix a seemingly simple dent. Dent fixing is again of two types depending on the nature of dent.


Paint-less dent fixing

Simple dents which do not have any scratches or paint removed are termed as paint less dents. These would not have much overhead as it is just the dent that needs to be addressed. Powered by specialised equipments our professionals at crystal shine can repair these at best price in the industry.


Dents with scratches

Some depressions may be caused by brushing against corners while trying to drive your car out of the garage. These require treatment not only for the dent but the paint too needs to be restored back to give the original look and feel.



For removing scratches they either need to be filled up and painted or if the scratch is big enough, underlying metal needs to be exposed and the area needs to be repainted and buffed. At crystal shine we have special tools and chemicals for scratch treatment. We service your automobile to get the body repair done in a manner to refurbish the best look and feel which it once used to have.


Repairing wheels


If your wheels have developed scratches or cracks it needs to be addressed as soon as possible before it compromises your safety. Crystal shine takes your wheels through a five hour long process to get the wheels back in shape. As soon as we receive the wheels it goes through a chemical bath. With this, the underlying bare metal is exposed. Once exposed the wheel is carefully observed and treated for scratches and cracks. It is further handed over to the finishing team, which repaints the wheel and bakes it through 250 degree Fahrenheit to get the perfect finish.

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