Back to black plastic pieces


Back to black plastic pieces

Plastic materials last longer and are hardly corrosive as compared to metals, but have drawbacks too. Plastic materials cannot withstand higher temperatures, as they tend to melt. Unlike metals that bend on impact of forces plastic used in automobiles are quite brittle as they have a tendency to break on impact. Our vehicles are made of many plastic components specially the black ones. Over a period of time these fade off and lose their shine. Restoring them back to black plastic pieces may require additional effort and skills. Normal paints, oils or polishes may not return back original colour. You might have noticed certain black plastic components are not glossy rather have a bit rough surfaces with mat finishing.

          Prevent Staining

Well, prevention is always better than cure and is cost effective too when it comes to car-trims. There are certain amazing-products available in market today that will not only restore the faded plastic back to black plastic pieces, but will make it better than even the newly available black car-trims. Today we have car waxes prepared with cutting edge technology that can be applied not only to plastic portions but also on rubber and rubberized plastic materials too. There are a variety of areas such as mud flaps, fender flairs, door-handles, sunroof trims, roof racks, window rubber-gaskets (the ones that get degraded soon with moisture and the heat of sun) where these car waxes can be applied to prevent it from degrading. As a matter of fact car waxes themselves are water repellent. Hence, especially in case of rubberised materials, once applied you can be assured they won’t get degraded soon on occasional contacts with moisture in the form of mist, rain or even snow.


          Covering up faded black

Having talked about prevention, what can you do if the plastic piece has already started fading off at certain areas? A solution known as the band-aid-solution can help restoring them back to black plastic pieces. Such solutions are intended for covering up the faded portions rather than fully restoring the black back to the car trims. For patch ups we use semi-permanent enhancement products, made of silicone base. These give more of a glossy-finish and are good enough for four to six months based on the conditions they are exposed to. Depending upon your budget our expert team at crystal shine can help you either patch up the faded portions or do complete restore of the black plastics.


          Restoring fully


Certain other solutions are also available in the market that are non-glossy in nature and are used to restore the colour and texture back to black plastic pieces. Such solutions are silicone free and offer a full restore rather than patch ups. They give more of an original look and feel rather than the made up glossy finish. These are specially formulated to reach in the depths of pores in the black plastic trims. These can last anywhere from six to twelve months depending on the conditions they are exposed to.

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