Baby Car Seat Hygienic wash


Baby Car Seat Hygienic wash


Baby Car Seat Hygienic wash is a service which is not often include in car cleaning services. Luckily, we are Crystal Shine are here to bring a difference and to make your life all the easier by offering you our baby car seat cleaning services.


Although everyone takes great measures these days to provide utmost hygiene for their baby when it comes to clothing, eating and moving around, there is one specific area which still can become neglected. It’s probably due to its place or its rather frequent use: the baby car seat. In Dubai most people go around by car and this also involves carrying one or two babies on board almost all the time.

As babies and toddlers do drink, eat and wear nappies sitting in the baby seats. This leads to everything having the tendency to get spill, food remnants getting stuck inside the seat, not to mention all the rest of the debris that the car seat is likely to collect. If all this is being left unclean it can lead to bacteria creating in the car, also having the tendency to infect the air inside the car which can lead to health problems on the long haul.


We don’t get to think about Baby Car Seat Hygienic wash for various reasons. Here are some of the most general ones:

  • Much of the contamination remains visually invisible as they get stuck in-between the seat’s fabric
  • Patches of food and drink is pretty hard to clean off easily and as we are always in a hurry we always end up postponing this task
  • Lack of time: we tend to be always in a hurry when with babies and that’s problematic enough. Most parents are way too tire to pay attention to the state of the baby seat.
  • Lack of baby car seat cleaning experience: most people only wash the removable cover and lack the experience on how to clean the rest
  • If cleaned the solutions used are often not child or human friendly at all, therefore they can prove to be harmful to the health of your baby and of you as well.


Luckily we at Crystal Shine are thinking of the busy parents. Therefore we have come up with a very handy and specialized cleaning solution for Baby Car Seat Hygienic wash. This can be part of your car cleaning routine with us, upon request.


About our baby car seat cleaning service

  • We work with baby and toddler friendly cleaning materials. This do not have harmful effects to the nature yet they provide 100% cleaning results Floor Mats Covered in Plastic.
  • The products we use would absolutely not harm the fabric of the seat, it will become as if it’s new
  • Our service is also handy when it comes to rental car with rented baby seat or seats
  • Our service is alone-standing


Whenever you feel the daily tasks are overwhelming yet have a few hours to spend without your car. Then leave the cleaning with us, including your baby or toddler seat too.  Contact us for further information.



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