Are you taking real care of your Car?

Do you love your car? Let’s just be honest, you need to spend a little time to understand how to maintain your car. It really feels great to have one to get around, to escape city panic and slip into a peaceful landscape. But you can’t chill out if you don’t take care of it. No need to worry yet – Here’s everything you need to learn about taking care of your car.

Keep your car interior and exterior clean

Cleaning your car from outside is as important as inside and it’s really fun to know that your car is freshly waxed after a wash. Make it your habit to regularly clean your car just like your own bedroom. Because, you spend probably as much time in your car as in your bedroom, if not more.

All you need for a startup plan could be a simple allocation of a budget and time for your car to get it washed and waxed at least twice a month by a professional car cleaning service and vacuum the interior frequently, regular dusting and cleaning can be done on daily or alternate day. Doing all this will not only help in maintaining the original condition of your car but also keep up its resale value. More importantly, keep the interior clean and de-cluttered in a similar way as the exterior. If you are smoker or habitual diner inside the car you will end up in a messy interior pretty soon. Depending on the use of your car, make sure you regularly clean the interior and at least once a month take the service of a professional car interior cleaning experts like Crystal Shine Auto Center.

Don’t forget to change the liquids and filter

This part is definitely the most important area from the aspect of car maintenance. Therefore, keeping in mind when to change different fluids and filters is crucial but there is more to know. Crystal Shine Auto Center, provides a full car service in Dubai and has a great schedule when to change your oil and filters according to mileage. They will help you in selecting the right type of liquid for your car and clean every part of it. You must also know that your car has up to four filters:

  1. Inside Cabin air filter
  2. Engine oil filter
  3. Fuel filter
  4. Transmission filter

It’s mandatory to take care of all these things to minimize the risk of damaging important parts in your car. Zarif who is an auto repair specialist at Crystal Shine Auto Center Dubai, says, “You should change your filters every 10,000 miles.”

Car wheels and brakes

To prolong the life of your tires, you should ask your service provider to check the air in the tire balloons. Unfortunately, there is no such indicator in car to showcase the pressure of your tire on the dashboard. So, you have to do it with manually. Any kind of negligence may result in flat tires, blowouts or the tires will become so worn out that you’ll end up buying new pairs pretty soon. This can also affect fuel performance and damage the rim balance or other related parts getting damaged.

The other important thing connected to your tires are car brakes. If you use brakes very often like myself, then there is greater chance of getting worn down your brakes a lot faster. Usually city cars brake a lot more than long drive vehicles. Whenever you feel that your car is taking longer to stop, you feel difficult to press brake pad, or you hear rotors being scraped against each other, then it’s right time to think about new brake pads. Normally, you should inspect them between 25,000-50,000 miles, but if anything feels abnormal or sounds strange take your car to get serviced as soon as possible. You don’t want to put this off and have a car accident as a result, right?

Prepare your car for unprecedented weather

To prepare your car for any inevitable weather change, a lot depends on where exactly you live and drive. Especially, in case of extreme cold weather, carrying a winter supply box (including emergency box) inside your trunk will come in handy for any kind of emergencies when random snowfall starts, or an entire snow apocalypse happens. It is also wise to purchase winter windshield wiper fluid that won’t allow freeze your windshield while driving.

Similarly, in summer heat haze, park your vehicle in shadow, use window shades, some reliable one is 3M tinting, and try to keep sunroof open to keep the inner temperature balanced. Also, keep an eye on engine’s temperature gauge to avoid any kind of disaster with main part aka engine.

Few other useful tips

There are too many things to learn and keep in mind when it comes to car maintenance. But scheduling time for your car service can make it a lot easier for you, and your car will definitely thank you for such type of generosity. Therefore, here I will tell you few more things to note down:

For example, save your maintenance receipts to keep up with budgets and to calculate the amount of investment made regularly on your car, save car manuals, insurance and all important documents relevant to your car, carry emergency box, use indicators in any kind of trouble and park your car off the road, use fog lights when weather is unclear and drive your car within the speed limits, try to avoid driving car when you feel tired.

Crystal Shine Auto Center

Crystal Shine Auto Center

Crystal Shine Auto Center in Dubai has been at the forefront of car care and car detailing. We specialize in preparation, appearance and all aesthetics in a car for over a decade in the UAE. We offer car detailing, polishing, painting, washing, car caring and repairing etc services.

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