Are You Searching Best Paint Overspray Removal?


Are You Searching Best Paint Overspray Removal?

We are experts for your onsite overspray claims; we are here to give you flawless services all over the Dubai at a lower amount for all your needs related to paint overspray removal. Doesn’t matter you are a main paint contractor, insurance company or individual, we are here always at you service. At our company, you can find the reasonable prices and the most knowledgeable technicians that can help you to solve your problems.  There is even a 100% assurance on all the work, with proper video documentation of all work executed on your vehicle.

We are expert in securely removing any kind of airborne taints:

·         Marine and protective products for coating

·         Business Silicone Roofing and Epoxy Paints

·         Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation

With experience of more than 24 years in auto paint overspray removal, claims management and restoration, we are the best in removing overspray. Our highly effective team can be dispatched anyplace nationwide within the time of 48 hours of claim accepting. We have fixed lots of vehicles managing different types of claims all over the Dubai.   

There is not any requirement for rental cars as all work is completed onsite.  It even allows our clients to monitor our effective cleaning procedure first hand.  Our on the whole objective is to save you as enough money as possible, when completely fixing the damage through overspray. 

Our Reasonable and Effective Overspray Removal Service

We are utilizing the best practices of industry and also using highly effective equipment to efficiently and safely remove paint overspray from paintwork of a car, glass and any particular non-porous trim.

We are highly experienced in the process of paint overspray removal, we can remove the building material contaminants and chemical from car paint and trim. There is not any job that is too small or too big, we have managed lots of cars at the one car park and have experienced professionals on hand to efficiently and safely restore cars back to a perfect and new condition.

We have securely eliminated paint overspray, industrial fallout and concrete from more than 1000 cars in Dubai with confirmed techniques and top quality standards to confirm we get the work done in a perfect manner. There is prospective for permanent damage caused by faulty removal procedures and we have noticed it firsthand. Don’t try to eliminated paint overspray or any other type of industrial materials until you speak to us. It can spoil your car’s paint and can give your car more harm.

Use our professional service


You can be paying attention in hiring a professional team for a day. We are supplying a fully managed and equipped car or van and two/three experienced detailers. It permits a time competent removal team where we can obtain different cars done in a cost effective and timely manner. You can call today for paint overspray removal quote and get our professional’s help. We assure you that you will get best solution of your problems.

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